Monday, December 29, 2014


Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!

So on Tuesday we had our mission Christmas party. It was in Geumjeong, the area I had spent 6 months in, so it was weird going back. Good party, had a spiritual meeting first and some musical performances. One of the Barrows visiting sons played the harmonica...weird because that is the second time I had heard someone play harmonica as part of a meeting in that ward building...over 9 months ago an old guy played the harmonic in a testimony meeting while I was serving there. After the meeting we had some delicious American like chicken and salads and stuff that Sister Barrow and a bunch of others helped prepare. Then we watched clips from Remember the Titans (movie) because President Barrow was relating it to stuff. Then we ate some delicious cookies and snacks that Sister Barrow made while we watched Ephraim's rescue. Great day! 

When we left, we left with our zone to go Christmas caroling back at a busy shopping place. We gave out a lot of our He is the Gift cards that we have been using. My voice was very tired by the end of the night!

Wednesday morning, we went and did some service with the sisters. We went to Kindergarten/day care centers, wearing Santa hats/dressing up as Santa and then giving gifts to the kids. There were lots of little kids that cried. We went to two different places in 2 different cities. It was cool because later that night we saw a kid and said hello and merry Christmas to him and he was like "hey aren't you Santa??' pretty cool that he recognized us and our voices.

Wednesday night we had our branch Christmas party. It was super good, lots of food and little performances. The missionaries just did a little dumb singing act thing. I played my little tin whistle thingy. haha. Really good because lots of less actives showed up!

Thursday, Christmas. Just another normal day, sort of. 7:30am calling you family! It was not working out very well...then the phone call ended suddenly right at when I ran out of time to talk, didn't even get to say goodbye! Love you! Then we went to the Branch President's house where the others were skyping and we just played a card game with the kids. It was a miracle because usually the bus to branch president's house comes once every 35ish minutes and in order to make it on time we had to catch the bus quick! and it did come quick! It was awesome!!! So we had lunch at the Branch president's house and then left. We went caroling again with our zone in the same place as before. Place called Nampo. Then later that night we met an investigator that Elder Suttner had taught in his first area and is on school break so he came home to our area.

Saturday we were finally able to meet a former investigator that we had been trying to meet. He is willing to keep meeting but he goes to military service starting January 11. Ate with him then went to the church and played Ping-Pong and shared a lesson.

So one thing we started praying for this week was that somewhat would contact us because of the Christmas card thingies that we had been giving out. Our prayers were answered with 3 people texting. Nothing really more came from it, but it was a prayer answered because we hadn't got any texts until then...and we had given out lots of cards before then.

That was my week! Hope you all had a great Christmas and have a great new years!!!!

Elder Frampton


So seeing as I am calling this week I'll just keep this short.

Mainly the only thing I wanted to tell you all about was the baptism we had on Saturday in our Branch! So it was the sister's investigator, the mother of a branch member. The Sister is 90 or 91 years old, born in 1924. I had the privilege of baptizing her! Very scary because she is so old. Cold weather was a worry so we had to have the water very warm. Great experience, just a cute old lady. President Barrow and Sister Barrow and their 2 children came to the baptism too. Spirit was very strong throughout the meeting!

That is really it...Have a merry Christmas !
Elder Frampton



So transfers were this week! That is the biggest change. I'm of course staying in my area and my new companion is Elder Suttner. He is in his 3rd transfer just finished being trained. Only been here for 3 months.

It seems like we will get along great. He is very diligent and wanting to do lots of work. On the subway ride back to our area we talked like 3 different people about the church. Even pretty much taught the message of the restoration to one person. It was pretty awesome. He is pretty good at Korean and he isn't afraid to talk to people so it went great. I expect big miracles this transfer!

Wednesday I was on exchanges and we spent 4.5 hours with the "Daeshin Grandmother." just a really old lady in the area I went to that is pretty famous and also crazy. Anyhow, the elders in that area usually take her to the hospital so I went this past week and we just helped her around and just listened to her talk and talk and talk. It was Elder Kim's last week there and she really like Elder Kim (the elder serving there) and he gave her a picture of them together and she cried. Just an interesting experience that I don't even know how to explain. It was fun though being able to serve. I was also in that area the night before and we went to visit another member in the hospital to give a blessing. It was great to have the opportunity to exercise the priesthood in the service of others.

On Friday we went to the church and there was this couple in our parking lot feeding the cats. There are lots and lots of cats that just roam the streets and they brought some food and maybe 7 or 8 cats were eating the food. It was kind of weird and makes me wonder if they do that often.

Saturday we were able to go and visit a less active member that can't really leave the house because he has to take care of his bedridden wife. It was really good because we were able to share a good message and pray with them and feel the spirit. They looked happy that we came and visited. After that we went and visited another member and shared a quick message outside her door. She is super generous and gave us lots of food to take home!

Yesterday we just had some awkward visits after our missionary correlation meeting. The 4 missionaries and branch president, 1st counselor and branch clerk all visited a less active was nice but awkward. After that we went with the clerk and 1st counselor to visit a member and his family. We originally had an appointment but we had ended up canceling and then the counselor and clerk thought we still had it so we went to visit and the counselor called the member and said that we were all together and they would pray and leave and we would stay. Pretty much long story short we visited a member that we had an appointment but canceled then went with the counselor who thought we still had the appointment and it was awkward because we didn't really know how to communicate the right things beforehand.....yea, just awkward. Sorry if that doesn't make sense.

Anyhow the members we visited were fine and were nice and we had a good little visit.

So last year I met a guy in Geumjeong and then ended up referring him to this area because he lives here. Long story short I always imagined me just running into him on the street and that happened for real yesterday! He said he remembered me from way back when. He had met the missionaries here once. We will try to meet him again!

K that's it! Have a good week!
Love Elder Frampton


Not too much happened this week but enough for me to write about.

I ate pomegranate fruit for the first time ever yesterday!  I have had juice before but never the fruit, super sour but very delicious.

Last Sunday the Branch President invited us over for a meal on Tuesday...we went on Tuesday and called him and he forgot...he was out with his wife somewhere but he said they were coming we were walking around in the cold for a while waiting. Elder Peck had to go to the bathroom and we ended up going to a police station...I was sitting awkwardly in a small little police station while he went to the bathroom One guy talked to me though and said he knew  Mormons so I got to talk a little bit about us as missionaries and the church. Couldn't really say much though. Then cops started to sit down on the couches I was sitting on and right there and then they had like a 1 minute long brief/meeting....superrr awkward! Also this lady cop was just like polishing her gun. There were like 10 people in that small little place....interesting experience.

Saturday we got to help our member move! They literally live like 3 minute walk away from their previous place. In Korea when you move you just hire moving people and they do like everything. Since people usually don't live in big places they don't have lots of stuff like people in America. So the moving people come, throw everything into boxes, move all the furniture, and then unload at the new house. Took 4.5 hours for them to pack, move, and unpack. We just helped with moving boxes and some furniture. The hardest part was moving their piano. Their new house was up a flight of stairs so it was super hard to get it up there. Luckily nothing was broken. It was good that we could help though, a lot faster and our member was grateful!

After that we went to the church because we had activity that night and we had to prepare. The activity went okay, at first we had an open house thing for nonmembers...but none came so we went out with the members and proselyted. It was a good thing for the members to experience I think. 2 members got this guy to come and the sister missionaries did a little introduction to the church and then he left. It was good that he came through for just that. After we had a fun activity/dinner. Well the branch president put together a 'skit' that was us just 'acting.' It was odd, it was a wedding skit and we were in the dark and we just talked and made our own echoes by starting loud then going quiet. Kind of funny. Then after we did a relay race. Dinner was spaghetti and tacos, super delicious! The one sister missionary here from America is a really good cook. We made so much and there were left overs. Plus I ate a lot. Good activity! 2 less actives came so that was good!

That was the week! Have a good one!

Elder Frampton



So this week was not quite exciting as last week :( still a good week though!

So I went on companion exchanges this week with Elder Wunderli in his area. Elder Wunderli is the Elder I lived with in Geumjeong for maybe 4 months. So it was a good time. His area is an island that is pretty much a city built on a mountain so there are many many hills. We were walking up this one to go see a member at her street stand but since she was busy we just walked by. Then we passed a lady that was struggling to carry a bag of cabbage up the hill so we offered to help and we carried it up the hill to her apartment. As we walked carrying it we talked with her about who we were and why were in Korea and shared a simple testimony. She didn't have any interest on the surface but I know we had a positive influence on her. We gave a card so hopefully her or her husband looks at the website one day or something. I'm just glad we had that opportunity for simple act of service. Later that day we went to a member's restaurant and ate some delicious food for free! We were able to talk to a good amount of people as we proselyted too.

So in these Elder's house there were a bunch of old Ensigns from like 1988-1991. Since they didn't read them I decided to take a bunch back to my house in my area. While looking through them I came across an article in the February 1988 edition called "The Framptons: "We still like each other after all these years" I'm assuming that we have no relation to them but it was a very funny title. It was just about how they have a bunch of family traditions or something. The old ensigns have a lot of super long articles with sometimes humorous titles.

On Sunday we had the primary program in Church. Usually there are only like 2 kids in primary but another girl that sometimes comes came. Also they had the young women and young men participate too. It was very good, the topic was like Eternal families and it was just very simple. Similar to how we do it in America but also a little different. The 2 usual primary kids played primary songs on their recorder. (The little instrument that people play in like elementary school)

We had 'zone meeting' on Thursday. They talked about sharing this new video that the church released. Next week we will get little cards with this video to start passing out to people. That will be great for talking to people on the street. I will more easily be able to share my testimony that I know the Savior lives and loves us! 

That is it for this week!
Have a great week!

Elder Frampton


Dear everyone, Super great week this week!

Wednesday while street proselyting the spirit led us up a certain hill that we hadn't gone before. It was somewhere I had wanted to try and go but I forgot that I did and the Spirit helped me to remember. We met this married couple exercising and they were super nice as we talked to them. We were going and the road forked and a trail started and they were like, will you keep going on the road and keep talking to us? (They did really say it but that was just what the situation was like). We continued with them and kept talking and were going on this little trail a little up a mountain. We rested with them and they shared an orange with us and we sat and talked. Religion came up and we had the opportunity to teach about the restoration with them and eternal families. They had many questions because they knew some things about different religions so they wondered differences and things like that. We had the opportunity to share our testimony and give them a Book of Mormon and invite them to read it. We were able to feel the spirit so I hope they did too. We walked down the hill mountain with them and invited them to learn more and also to English class (they spoke English pretty well because they had no kids so they could travel a lot). They were from Seoul, in Busan for vacation, and would go back in a month or less so they didn't want to meet really. That is okay because maybe someday in Seoul they will meet missionaries and accept the gospel and live happily ever after! I'm just glad that we followed the spirit when it guided us up a big hill!

So today is a big day too! Today is the day that I throw away my first pair of socks because they formed holes! Haha

Because Elder Peck is district leader, the zone leaders do companion exchanges with us so I went to their area with one of them. It is actually a four man area and the other team is Elder Pickard! My MTC companion so I got to spend a night talking to him. The exchange was good, we talked to a lot of people and gave out 2 Books of Mormon. The elder I was with somehow got everyone to like him with a time of like 10 seconds. It was amazing. Then again, the people in this area are super nice and willing to talk to people. On the subway ride back (it was about 1 hour subway ride) I talked to this college student the whole time. He lived in the area I went to and went to college in my area so we rode together the whole time. I was able to talk about prayer with him and share my testimony how prayer helps me in my life. I can ask questions and receive answers. He asked me if he could ask in prayer for God to help him get a girlfriend.

So Saturday was super good because I saw two of my favorite people from Geumjeong! I met Roger again after not talking to him or seeing him for over 6 months. We came down to my area and we got lunch and hot chocolate together. It was super nice to see him again. Also when we were walking on the street a car drove by with a lady waving to us and it was one of the geumjeong English class members that I really liked! She was waving because we were missionaries then she realized it was me and she said hi and waved more and she seemed surprised. It all happened within like 3 seconds. Ah it was really good to see them!

The most exciting news is that Brother Kim Kyeonghwan from my last area Kyeognsan got baptized!!!! Just as cool is that Elder Pickard and I went on temporary exchanges to go up to the area and see him be baptized. I had replaced Elder Pickard in that area when I went so we both had taught him and we got to go together. It was very tight schedule to meet and catch subways and trains and still go to our sacrament meeting before meeting. We trained up to Daegu from Busan and got to see the whole branch and Brother Kim! It felt like home, kind of sad that I only got one transfer there. I saw a bunch of people that I missed. Elder Brower (my companion when I was there) baptized him. President Barrow and his family were there, including their daughter that just finished her mission in England on like last Wednesday! Brother Kim gave his testimony and talked about how he came a long way and gave up smoking and how he knows the church is true. He talked about the 2 sister missionaries that knocked on his door like 5 months ago that seemed like angels when he opens the door. He is pretty crazy and funny, I got to translate for the Barrows so I was saying some pretty funny stuff to them. The Barrows gave us a ride back so we didn't have to pay for a train and could get there quick. Such a good day!

I know this church and the gospel is true!!!

I hope you have a good one this week!  

Love, Elder Frampton



The biggest thing that happened this week was on Saturday we had a stake music festival. The whole stake gathered in the stake center and we listened to different singing/music performances. It was a great time because I could really feel the Spirit's presence. 

This week we were able to try our free English board outside and a few people came up to us and showed interest and later that night one of those people called us. We are planning to move our English class to Friday in hope that more people will be able to attend. The English board is good because we can say who we are and what church we come from and help people see that we are good and just trying to do good.

At our service project this week all the little students had yo-yos. It was interesting to see that something like yo-yos will always be popular no matter what time period it is.

It is getting pretty cold now. Yesterday we turned on the heaters for the first time during church.

Although things are slow I love being a missionary! Always remembering that this is the Lord's work keeps me head up and my body going! I love our Savior and all our brothers and sisters!

Have a Good week!
Elder Frampton



So this week we made a board that says 'Free English' on it and our phone number. We are hoping it will help us find either new investigators or English class attendees. We haven't been able to use it yet because our phone isn't a little back story. A few months ago the number we were using wasn't very reliable because it apparently would have on and off service. That was before I got here. So when they realized it had a problem they got a different phone and number but kept that old one. Then the first day I was here in this area they fixed the old number so we started using it again and just had the other number off. Then at the beginning of this week the APs asked us to send the other phone back by mail, so we sent it. That was Tuesday. The Korean AP was going to turn that phone service off since we didn't need it anymore. But because we were using both phones he didn't really know which one to turn off exactly and he canceled the service for the one we were using, not the one we that our phone turned off Friday dinner time. We didn't know until nighttime though so when we had to call and report that we were home, we had to go out and use a payphone...So then the next day the AP told us to come to mission headquarters and he gave us the phone that we had sent back so right now we have that phone again and are using it until he turns on our actual phone again. Confusing right?? yup, it's fun.

Because of that problem we were not able to meet with the one guy that likes English and not gospel. We showed up but he did not. He probably texted to confirm but when we didn't text back he just thought that we couldn't meet this week.

When we were going to district meeting on Thursday we saw this guy in the subway station playing Ping-Pong with himself. Just hitting the ball against the wall and returning it.

Sunday at church one of our member’s younger brother that lives in America was visiting on business. He brought two people he works with, one from America Tennessee/Virginia and one from Seoul. They two people the brother brought were both nonmembers and the one from America didn't speak a lick of Korean. He just came to Korea for car stuff, he is part of a small company that is doing some hydrogen thing for car engines that saves gas and stuff and stuff I really don't know anything about. Anyhow, I just talked to him at church for a little. Also the older brother that is our branch member brought his one friend to sacrament meeting. It was the guy that he brought to the picnic but they left after sacrament meeting. Hopefully he comes again and is willing to learn about the church and gospel. It is cool that one of our members is doing missionary work!

We had somewhat of a miracle. The branch president asked us to make a copy of a key and we were trying to find a place we can copy the key. It was Saturday almost time that we had to go home. We found one place that was open but he wasn't there so we called and he said to come back in one hour. We did then called him again because he wasn't there and he said that it would take one hour and then we didn't understand him over the phone. He was kind of rude. We then were rushing to try and find a place even if most were closed and we couldn't find one. I said a silent prayer earlier in my heart that we would be able to find one but we didn't. We got home and remembered that there were a bunch of keys in our house that we didn't know what they went to really, but then there was one that matched the key we were supposed to copy. I considered that a miracle. Kind of reminded me of the principle that God won't always answer your prayers in the way that you want.

That is it for this week! Have a good one!

Elder Frampton


So my computer is realllllly slow today so it will probably be a really short email before it stops again......

So I am staying in my area with Elder Peck for his last transfer.

This week we met with a guy on Friday and Saturday. College guy that I might have mentioned about a few weeks back. Well we are meeting for the English Program...he has no interest at all about the gospel really. He seems to listen well but is not willing to keep the commitments that we give to him..Like Friday we invited him to read the intro of the Book of Mormon, and he immediately responded no. Same with the next day and prayer. We know he listens because we asked him what we talked about on Friday when we met Saturday and he told us everything. At least he is listening. We asked why he didn't want to do what we invited him to do and he just said he doesn't want to. At least he is honest. Usually Koreans are very not direct like that so we at least appreciate his honesty and upfrontness...He also said he wants to become a machine...just sleep and study. He likes study for school and English. He wants to cut his sleep time from 7 hours to 5 hours. Only likes the very basic Korean food. Kimchi, rice, soy sauce. We hope as we invite him and teach him he will feel the spirit testify to him that God lives and what we teach is true. I know that if we do what we are supposed to and rely on the spirit, then we will see miracles.

On Saturday we went with the family that attends our English Class. They took us and the sisters to dinner and then down by the beach and we saw a big colorful fountain. It was a great experience to be with them. We are hoping that they will become investigators soon.

Today we got a flu shot when we went to our transfer meeting. It is the first year apparently that the church is paying for all missionaries to get a flu shot. Didn't hurt! Ha

Elder Frampton
That is it week! Have a good one!


So this week was pretty long but also fast. Yea.

So last Monday we had family home evening here at the church. We made little cards for everyone and they were to answer the question 'what kind of missionary do I want to become?' On the card, one side was a picture of Christ and the other side was where they wrote. We took them back and are laminating them and then giving them back. That was our spiritual message and then for the activity we made sandwiches and ate them as refreshments. Might sound like a lame idea but it was fun. The Koreans loved it. We just made ham sandwiches with cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes. They kept asking if it was what we ate in America.

Tuesday it rained a lot. It was awful, luckily we pretty much had to practice for musical numbers for the following day. We got soaked walking to the church. We then had to go to a different church in a neighboring area and practice our districts musical number and then after that we had to go to another church and Elder Peck had to play the piano for the other district in our zones musical number. Lots of travel and practice....

Wednesday we had zone conference with the Barrows. We learned many good things that we can apply in our work. 

Later in the day we were trying to talk to people. At night Elder Peck used the bathroom in a subway station and I tried talking to a guy. After he came out we were able to share a Book of Mormon with the man. He doesn't really have any interest in learning from us but he said he would try to read the book.

Thursday we had our service activity which we usually do on Wednesday. We also had our English class at night.

Friday Elder Peck had to go to a neighboring area to do a baptismal interview (he is the district leader). Super cool college lady. We also went to her baptism on Sunday. It was interesting because she skyped a friend in America and one of the sisters that taught her who finished her mission last month.

Saturday we met with that guy that I told you about a long time ago. He likes English and knows lots of people. We went to his house and ate dinner with him and his wife. His grandson was also there....We prayed together over the food and then also right before we left. We invited them to try and pray together. The wife was really nice and old. She gave us a big hug right before we left. It was pretty funny and cute.

Today almost the whole mission got together at the mission headquarters and we had a 5k race. The Barrow's really enjoy running and want us to be healthy so they had this put together. We could walk, run, crawl if we wanted. I ran of course and I ran it in 22:52. Pretty decent for not running that in pretty much 1.5 years..I guess I walk more than that in a day but it was still so hard.

Well that is it for this week! Happy Halloween!

Elder Frampton

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Hello familia

So this week went by pretty quick.

So Tuesday a funny thing happened while we were walking. Elder Peck and I tripped at the same exact time on the same exact thing.

On Friday we did carpet cleaning in the church. The guy that cleans the church always has the missionaries help when he does it. He had already poured soap water and scrubbed the floor, we just had to use a big vacuum thing to suck up the water and soap and dirt. Took a few hours. It is not just pushing around a little vacuum. We had to pull it and frequently empty out the dirty water that it was sucking up. He took us out to lunch at this octopus restaurant. It was stir fried octopus. I have had it before. It is pretty good, octopus doesn't have much taste. Just a little bit chewy. It was very spicy.

Sunday was pretty good. One of the members from my old area, Geumjeong, is in the stake presidency and he was visiting our branch today. It was weird to see him, he remembered me though. There is a kid in our branch that is super cool and he came this day. He is Korean but can only speak English. He understands a little Korean. He talks to his mom in English and she speaks back in Korean. They had lived in New Zealand for like 7 years (he is like 9 years old or something like that). Super cool kid, doesn't really like coming to church because it is boring but we are trying to get him to come more often. If he does we will need to translate to English for him because he can't really understand anyone other than his mom. He had a quarter for some reason and asked us who he was and then he showed us an Australian coin and Canadian coin too. His name is Robert. Doesn’t go by his Korean name.

Every week after church we go and visit a member that lives in the hospital and we take her the sacrament. She is a great member. Always reads the Book of Mormon, she has a gigantic Book of Mormon. We took her the sacrament and she also asked us for a blessing because her back was in bad pain. So that was the first time I have got to take part in a blessing in Korean just my companion and I.

Then later that day we had 2 choir practices. We are preparing for zone conference and both districts in the zone have to do a special musical number and Elder Peck is playing the piano for both.

Went to the dentist for my tooth and all they could really do was smooth out the edges. He said it wasn't big enough to be able to fix easily or something. He said it in really broken English so I wasn't completely sure. He told me that if I just felt that it was too ugly later then I could go back and they could try something. Pretty much he said if I don't feel ugly then it is fine the way it is....I don't feel ugly so it is no problem.

That is it for this week. Have a good one!

Elder Frampton


Dear everyone,

I have terrible news. I chipped my tooth this week! It was my front top left tooth! It is one I think I have chipped before in my life. I pretty much had a mental breakdown when it happened because losing a tooth is pretty much my worst fear. So I was eating a piece of soft candy and was biting it with my front teeth. Anyway I bit right through and my top and bottom teeth didn't hit right and just chipped the tooth. The moment it happened I knew and was even more sure when I chewed a piece of hard something...I accidentally swallowed it because I panicked. I look somewhat like a hill-billy now.

It didn't end up staying a bad day because we ended up meeting a guy that has English and gospel interest. It seems like he has some gospel interest and wants to meet so maybe this week we will get to meet him!

We got to watch General Conference this past weekend. It was really good, a lot of testifying about Christ. The spirit was strong the whole time. During Priesthood session President Eyring gave a talk similar to last year’s talk he gave. He shared some of the same stories so I found it very interesting.

Between conference sessions on Saturday we went on a 'hike/picnic' with our branch. Elder Peck and I realized how old the people in our branch really are. 

So this week we were walking and just suddenly we started talking with this dad that was holding a kid. We kind of stopped stared and I randomly said 'are you a family?' and we started to talk and we talked about the Book of Mormon and how it can help strengthen families. He accepted a copy and gave us his number, they looked pretty interested. It was a really good experience because we felt that we were guided to them. It was kind of disappointing when we called them and said that he wasn't interested necessarily right now. He said he was interested in Buddhism and first he had to finish a Buddhist book that was bigger than the Book of Mormon. He said once he finishes that he will read the Book of Mormon. He says he will get to that in April...Super frustrating! Maybe his wife will read it or something and then they will want to meet someday sooner or maybe when he will read it he will be touched by the Spirit.

God is a God of miracles but everyone has their agency and I accept that!

Have a great week!

Elder Frampton


Hello, so another super long week!

Has started to get cold lately so we are wearing long sleeve shirts every once in a while. Soon we will have to start wearing our suits!

So Tuesday we met a guy that we had met on the street my first week here. We had to ride a bus 30 minutes to the very edge of our area. He was waiting for us at the bus stop and we went to his house....the very first thing he said to us was the when we were with him we can speak only English with him, but when we talk to anyone else we can speak Korean....well he wants to do English so we explained the program to him and he agreed. Well we went to eat with him after and then he took us to his office. He works at a senior citizens college. We met the president and stuff. They gave us free umbrellas! It was kind of funny, we were just chilling there. So actually we first walked in and sat down with the president guy and he was talking to our friend then turned to us and was just like "okay say what you have to say." Then our friend was just like 'ohh no they are my friends they didn't just come looking to talk to you.' we were just somewhat confused at what was going on. We then kind of just sat and talked and drank some soy milk. As we were getting ready to leave there was this other guy that came in that worked somewhere else and just stopped by to drop something off or something. He was just listening as we were talking about whatever we were talking about then he said he wanted to do our English program. Also he had gospel questions because he has heard about the Mormons so we got the opportunity to just teach a short version of the restoration! It was a good experience! We didn't get his number though because the other guy rushed us out of there....we really hope he calls. We think that through this friend we will be able to meet other people and pretty much get referrals because he knows a lot of people.

Saturday we met this other college student at a cafe for our English program. He doesn't have much gospel interest but he really wants to learn English so hopefully he will try the things we ask and come to learn that the gospel is great!

That’s it this week!

Elder Frampton

Tuesday, September 30, 2014



So this was a superrrr long week! Elder Peck and I kept thinking that we did things at the beginning of the week when they were actually the day before.

So not really much happened this week but I'll just say one or two things about each day.

Monday we had family home evening at the church, it was their first one and they are only doing it once a month. There were a few people there, it was fun, we wrote some letters to less actives and played a game called 'Do you love your neighbor'?

Tuesday we walked down to the beach area in our area and talked to people along the way, it started to rain at the end of the day and it wasn't very fun.

Wednesday we had to go teach another areas English class because both the Elders and Sisters there are training new missionaries so they were up at mission headquarters. It was really awkward because we did not know the class members!

Thursday nothing too special happened. Friday we had district meeting with the new district. I realized that I am pretty old missionary. Only 2 out of 11 other people have been in the mission longer than me. Today we went to look for a service activity at the city hall but they didn't really have any so they put us on a 'will contact if something comes up' list. Later that day we happened to run into a guy that said we could come do a lecture about America/gospel type stuff at the old people school he worked at. We called him later, he actually wants to do an English program with us so maybe he will become an new investigator!

Saturday we met this really awesome guy that I almost passed but then suddenly started talking to him. He did a lot of talking and it was really hard to cut him off because he would always cut us off when we tried to say something. Anyways he likes church stuff and the bible but he knows there is not correct stuff in the bible. We were able to share a copy of the Book of Mormon with him and it seems that he is willing to meet later!

Sunday we had church. Our branch is about 30ish people and most of them are older people. Super interesting. We took the sacrament to a really nice lady in the hospital. Later went with the branch president to visit a less active who wasn't there so he took us to dinner at his house. He is a young guy with a family, daughter serving a mission, son senior in high school, and like a 10 year daughter who is really fun! Wife is super nice too. They lived in the middle of nowhere.

So just some other information. Elder Peck is from Mesa, Arizona. 22. Cool guy. Our apartment has 2 beds so I get to sleep on a bed! Pretty old bed so not the most comfortable I have slept on but is still better than the other things I have slept on.(except the 7 yos in my last area) The apartment is the biggest one I have been in yet and it is pretty nice. We are getting a water boiler tomorrow (up until this point it has been central heating).

Super great area and I am excited to continue to serve! That is it for this week!

Elder Frampton


Hello everybody!

So I have news! Well I got transferred again, after only 6 weeks in Gyeongsan I am leaving! 

I am back in Busan again in an area called GweJeong. So one of the subway lines in Busan is the orange line and when I served in Geumjeong I served on the one end, now Gwejeong is on the other end of that orange line. Quite the big feat there. It was sad to leave so soon from Gyeongsan but I look forward to serving here. 

I think the thing I will miss the most is Brother Kim. He was doing so well. When I was talking with him on Sunday he said he has been doing good with smoking. Trying to keep to the schedule we made even though he got behind he was caught up apparently. Down to 8 a day. He said it is a miracle. He never really thought about smoking he said, it was always just natural. Now he said that he is very conscious of it. That when he smokes, he thinks 'okay how many did I smoke today, how many more can I smoke?' He recognizes this and considers it a miracle. When we met earlier in the week it was so miraculous. It is just a miracle. He said he prays 2 to 3 times a day just about smoking, and acknowledged that he knows he is weak but Heavenly Father has been strengthening him! He knows that Heavenly Father has made him more aware of when he smokes! He said he can see the blessings of the gospel in his life, when he didn't have it and now when he does. He thinks that if he was raised in the gospel that he could have become the prophet....I kind of just nicely laugh that one off because I don't really know how to answer that. He is sooooooo great! I will miss him and he was really sad that I was leaving! I also gave him this past week a list of 31 good scriptures that he can read...kind of a read one a day thing and think about it throughout the day so he can receive the strength of the Book of Mormon to help overcome his addiction. He is super great!!!

Yesterday our branch had 2 baptisms. Both sisters, one maybe 11, the other like 30s. Had the baptism in the neighboring areas church because our church doesn't have a baptismal font. It was really good, the missionaries in our district sang a musical number and I accompanied on the piano. I only messed up a little but it was okay, one of the papers fell off the piano so I elbowed whoever was behind me hoping they would understand that what I needed, they got the idea and picked the paper up for me. The service was really good though 2 really great sisters!

Not really much else happened this week really so that's about it. I look forward to serving in my new area!

Have a good one!

Elder Frampton



So this past week was a pretty good week.

Last Tuesday, we took our investigator Brother Kim to family home evening in a members.  It was good. We just played a Korean traditional game and ate some delicious food. So brother Kim, because of the holiday was unable to keep to the schedule that we had made for him to quit smoking. We will work with him more closely to help him! So this week we taught about priesthood. When we taught that it was by the priesthood all the apostles in the scriptures performed miracles and that we had the priesthood too, he asked us to perform a miracle right there and then. To explain how it works we showed a Mormon message about a football kid getting struck by lightning and a new priesthood holder giving a blessing and that he turned out alright. Anyways media is such a good way to teach...luckily we had a computer in the church we could show it on. He also came to stake conference on Sunday and liked it. After there was a baptismal service that we took him too! It was a really good experience that we got really lucky with.

On Wednesday we got together with our missionary district and did a proselyting activity and a riverside park. Some people could play the ukulele and guitar so they played primary songs together and we talked to people. I talked to a lot of people, especially to old guys. I love talking to old guys. A lot easier than younger people...

On Friday Elder Aoyagi of the area presidency came to our Zone as part of mission tour. His wife gave her talk all in English, mainly just reading from her paper that maybe someone else translated to English for her. I don't know but it was fun, she said the purpose of her speaking was to keep us awake. She even had us do a little dance to put your shoulder to the wheel. So odd but so fun! For lunch they had some sandwiches that were egg sandwiches and jelly put together...sounds weird but super delicious!

Saturday's session of stake conference I tried translating to English for Elder Fairhurst, the elder of the couple that works with the military branch, the one that took us to go bowling. Anyways I didn't do a very good job. First of all it is super hard to understand Korean over loudspeaker because everything slurs together, two because they speak really fast/read really fast, three Korea is hard. But it was fun, he was only there to see how the translator (that would translate his talk the next day) how well he would do. That night the translator was translating President Barrows talk. 

Today we are going to "E-world" an amusement park place, it should be fun!

That is it! Have a good week!

Elder Frampton



So sorry for the late email this week. Yesterday was the Korean holiday Chuseok. We gathered as a missionary zone at one of the other areas church buildings pretty much all day and had lunch, talent show, and board games. Very fun. Because of that event we did not have time to email yesterday and also because pretty much most stores are close so we don't have access to computer. So we were allowed to email today.

So this week was pretty good and pretty slow.

We met Brother Kim last Tuesday and set up a plan to help him stop smoking. It puts him giving up smoking sometime next month because he started out smoking 20 cigarettes a day. We have not been able to meet him since then because of the holiday but we will meet him today actually and see how he has been doing. I have kept in touch with him every day to encourage him. On Friday or Saturday he sent a text saying something like 'I prayed and asked for help to give up smoking and it seems that I have received help to meet my goal.' He was talking about his goal for the day but it is amazing to see that he is receiving heaven sent help and that he truly desires to give up smoking. 

So we met another potential investigator this week. He is a man from Nepal in Korea looking for work. We met him a few weeks ago and finally were able to meet. He said he was very interested in what Christians believed and said he wants to learn the gospel!

So this week was one of the most sad weeks on my mission....I lost the 'Apollo moon' tie bar that I always wore. I wore it every day on my mission except for 3 days when I forgot! I was getting up out of my seat on the bus when it fell off. I thought I heard something hit the ground when I got up so I turned around and didn't see anything. It wasn't until later when I realized it wasn't there that I realized that it was my tie bar that had fallen! Super Sad!!!!

Once again sorry for the late email!

Elder Frampton

Parents Note:

Since we did not hear from Chris on Monday, Belinda scanned the Internet for anything that may be happening in Korea that would not allow Chris to not be able to write.
She found a Busan Korea Facebook page and was scanning it when she saw a photo. Upon looking closely at the photo she saw Elder Frampton was in it.  She sent it to him and he did not even have a copy though he knew someone had taken it. They apparently made the poster out of cardboard and put topics that my be important to people and asked people on the street put a sticker on the one they thought was important so they could start a conversation.

A miracle!



Pretty good week again, pretty busy.

Our one investigator, Brother Kim, is doing well. Met him twice this week other than church. We taught about the Word of Wisdom and committed him to try and live it...he has a smoking problem so it will be hard. I followed up yesterday in church with him and he said that it is really hard but he has been praying for help. He said he has tried throwing away his packs of cigarettes and even breaking them in half but that causes way too much stress. He said he has cut down on like 1 or 2 a day though. We are going to help him make a plan this coming week when we meet so he can give up smoking.  He really wants to but an addiction is an addiction so it takes some strong will to give up, but I know he can do it. We had a meal appointment with the stake president (he is part of our branch) and we brought Brother Kim with us. It was really good. Delicious meal so he liked it. They talked a lot about just how the lessons are going and how he likes the church. If you ever have the missionaries over for a meal, encourage them to bring an investigator!

The guy that I talked about last week that called and came to English class, we met him 2 times this past week! We will continue to meet and teach him, has very little background. He called himself a fake Christian.

Today for Pday we are going to the military base to bowl and eat. The other area in our district has the military branch and members and also the senior missionary couple that pretty much works on the base. So the couple invited our district to go bowling today on the base so that is what we will do! I might get to eat some real American food!

Next week is the Korean holiday Chuseok! It is on pday so we won't get to do anything special on another day. 

Yesterday I almost had to give a talk in church because they had asked before hand but when we got to sacrament meeting they told me I didn't have to anymore because someone from the stake came instead. I was pretty relieved.

We met some good potential people on the street this past week so hopefully this week we will be able to meet them.

Yea that is pretty much it for this week! 

Elder Frampton



Super good this week! Very busy again! A lot of things that happened. 

So the biggest thing that happened was that in the neighboring area (part of our missionary district) held a luau at their church. They had been preparing for a long time, even before I came. Well they had us participate and help out, so when I came I had to learn 3 dances in two weeks. Anyways we helped prepare for that this week and practiced some more and then had it on Saturday. Over 100 people showed up! There were 10 acts, 2 ukulele acts, 1 hula act which I participated in, like 3 native American dances, 2 hip hop ones, a new Zealand dance using Boi, these balls attached to strings that we swing around, then like a clapping rhythm thingamabob which I also participated. One of the elders in the other area is from Australia but his dad is like a professional dancer and so he took a lot of lessons from him so one of the Native American dances was a sweet hoop dance. Can’t even describe it. By the end he had like 8 hoops and used them as wings of a was cool! 

This week we had 4 investigators that could potentially come to church but then none of them came! 2 of them later told us that they couldn't come because of either work or family event. The other 2 we haven't heard from yet. Well we met one, brother Kim Kyeong Hwan, guy that really loves our church. We met him Sunday but also earlier in the week on Wednesday as well. We invited him to read the Book of Mormon and pray and we would check up every other day. We found out on Wednesday that he liked the church but didn't really know if Heavenly Father existed or not. Well when we heard from him last he had prayed but hadn't read. Then when met on Sunday night and he had read! He said that he really loves the church and now the Book of Mormon. He really enjoyed reading it. He said that it taught him about Christ and he felt good while reading it. He even was like, while reading I definitely received inspiration. He says he that he feel God and Jesus Christ and the Spirit exist, he first thought as one person but then we helped him to understand that they are 3 separate beings. Also at first he thought it was inspiration but not necessarily an answer from God. We helped him to realize that is exactly how an answer comes! It was one of the greatest experiences ever! He just seemed so peaceful! and happy! He didn't accept the baptismal invitation we extended but he gladly accepted to pray about it in order to know whether that is when he should be baptized! He is super great.

So something unexpected happened when we were waiting at the church before English Class on Thursday. We were waiting and the phone in the clerk's office started ringing. It was someone who was going to come to English class! It was unexpected because we have no idea how they got that number. One of the only ways is to look at the little sign outside the church doors on the second floor. Our cell number is on it too so it is weird that his friend who gave the number had the number. We are super glad we answered it because he now became a new investigator! He is a tennis coach and travels a lot with his students and he is going to the states in a few months and needs to learn useful phrases and words so he can use them at hotels and stores and such! We set up with him to meet him 2 times a week! He seems pretty open to hearing the gospel and trying commitments! Very awesome

This week was rainy again. Probably at least a third of the time I have been here it has rained. We walk around little streams and puddles that form, sometimes big puddles... my shoes often get soaked! Very not fun. haha

Hope you have a good week! 

Elder Frampton