Monday, December 29, 2014



The biggest thing that happened this week was on Saturday we had a stake music festival. The whole stake gathered in the stake center and we listened to different singing/music performances. It was a great time because I could really feel the Spirit's presence. 

This week we were able to try our free English board outside and a few people came up to us and showed interest and later that night one of those people called us. We are planning to move our English class to Friday in hope that more people will be able to attend. The English board is good because we can say who we are and what church we come from and help people see that we are good and just trying to do good.

At our service project this week all the little students had yo-yos. It was interesting to see that something like yo-yos will always be popular no matter what time period it is.

It is getting pretty cold now. Yesterday we turned on the heaters for the first time during church.

Although things are slow I love being a missionary! Always remembering that this is the Lord's work keeps me head up and my body going! I love our Savior and all our brothers and sisters!

Have a Good week!
Elder Frampton

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