Monday, December 29, 2014



So transfers were this week! That is the biggest change. I'm of course staying in my area and my new companion is Elder Suttner. He is in his 3rd transfer just finished being trained. Only been here for 3 months.

It seems like we will get along great. He is very diligent and wanting to do lots of work. On the subway ride back to our area we talked like 3 different people about the church. Even pretty much taught the message of the restoration to one person. It was pretty awesome. He is pretty good at Korean and he isn't afraid to talk to people so it went great. I expect big miracles this transfer!

Wednesday I was on exchanges and we spent 4.5 hours with the "Daeshin Grandmother." just a really old lady in the area I went to that is pretty famous and also crazy. Anyhow, the elders in that area usually take her to the hospital so I went this past week and we just helped her around and just listened to her talk and talk and talk. It was Elder Kim's last week there and she really like Elder Kim (the elder serving there) and he gave her a picture of them together and she cried. Just an interesting experience that I don't even know how to explain. It was fun though being able to serve. I was also in that area the night before and we went to visit another member in the hospital to give a blessing. It was great to have the opportunity to exercise the priesthood in the service of others.

On Friday we went to the church and there was this couple in our parking lot feeding the cats. There are lots and lots of cats that just roam the streets and they brought some food and maybe 7 or 8 cats were eating the food. It was kind of weird and makes me wonder if they do that often.

Saturday we were able to go and visit a less active member that can't really leave the house because he has to take care of his bedridden wife. It was really good because we were able to share a good message and pray with them and feel the spirit. They looked happy that we came and visited. After that we went and visited another member and shared a quick message outside her door. She is super generous and gave us lots of food to take home!

Yesterday we just had some awkward visits after our missionary correlation meeting. The 4 missionaries and branch president, 1st counselor and branch clerk all visited a less active was nice but awkward. After that we went with the clerk and 1st counselor to visit a member and his family. We originally had an appointment but we had ended up canceling and then the counselor and clerk thought we still had it so we went to visit and the counselor called the member and said that we were all together and they would pray and leave and we would stay. Pretty much long story short we visited a member that we had an appointment but canceled then went with the counselor who thought we still had the appointment and it was awkward because we didn't really know how to communicate the right things beforehand.....yea, just awkward. Sorry if that doesn't make sense.

Anyhow the members we visited were fine and were nice and we had a good little visit.

So last year I met a guy in Geumjeong and then ended up referring him to this area because he lives here. Long story short I always imagined me just running into him on the street and that happened for real yesterday! He said he remembered me from way back when. He had met the missionaries here once. We will try to meet him again!

K that's it! Have a good week!
Love Elder Frampton

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