Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Hello familia

So this week went by pretty quick.

So Tuesday a funny thing happened while we were walking. Elder Peck and I tripped at the same exact time on the same exact thing.

On Friday we did carpet cleaning in the church. The guy that cleans the church always has the missionaries help when he does it. He had already poured soap water and scrubbed the floor, we just had to use a big vacuum thing to suck up the water and soap and dirt. Took a few hours. It is not just pushing around a little vacuum. We had to pull it and frequently empty out the dirty water that it was sucking up. He took us out to lunch at this octopus restaurant. It was stir fried octopus. I have had it before. It is pretty good, octopus doesn't have much taste. Just a little bit chewy. It was very spicy.

Sunday was pretty good. One of the members from my old area, Geumjeong, is in the stake presidency and he was visiting our branch today. It was weird to see him, he remembered me though. There is a kid in our branch that is super cool and he came this day. He is Korean but can only speak English. He understands a little Korean. He talks to his mom in English and she speaks back in Korean. They had lived in New Zealand for like 7 years (he is like 9 years old or something like that). Super cool kid, doesn't really like coming to church because it is boring but we are trying to get him to come more often. If he does we will need to translate to English for him because he can't really understand anyone other than his mom. He had a quarter for some reason and asked us who he was and then he showed us an Australian coin and Canadian coin too. His name is Robert. Doesn’t go by his Korean name.

Every week after church we go and visit a member that lives in the hospital and we take her the sacrament. She is a great member. Always reads the Book of Mormon, she has a gigantic Book of Mormon. We took her the sacrament and she also asked us for a blessing because her back was in bad pain. So that was the first time I have got to take part in a blessing in Korean just my companion and I.

Then later that day we had 2 choir practices. We are preparing for zone conference and both districts in the zone have to do a special musical number and Elder Peck is playing the piano for both.

Went to the dentist for my tooth and all they could really do was smooth out the edges. He said it wasn't big enough to be able to fix easily or something. He said it in really broken English so I wasn't completely sure. He told me that if I just felt that it was too ugly later then I could go back and they could try something. Pretty much he said if I don't feel ugly then it is fine the way it is....I don't feel ugly so it is no problem.

That is it for this week. Have a good one!

Elder Frampton

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