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So this week we made a board that says 'Free English' on it and our phone number. We are hoping it will help us find either new investigators or English class attendees. We haven't been able to use it yet because our phone isn't a little back story. A few months ago the number we were using wasn't very reliable because it apparently would have on and off service. That was before I got here. So when they realized it had a problem they got a different phone and number but kept that old one. Then the first day I was here in this area they fixed the old number so we started using it again and just had the other number off. Then at the beginning of this week the APs asked us to send the other phone back by mail, so we sent it. That was Tuesday. The Korean AP was going to turn that phone service off since we didn't need it anymore. But because we were using both phones he didn't really know which one to turn off exactly and he canceled the service for the one we were using, not the one we that our phone turned off Friday dinner time. We didn't know until nighttime though so when we had to call and report that we were home, we had to go out and use a payphone...So then the next day the AP told us to come to mission headquarters and he gave us the phone that we had sent back so right now we have that phone again and are using it until he turns on our actual phone again. Confusing right?? yup, it's fun.

Because of that problem we were not able to meet with the one guy that likes English and not gospel. We showed up but he did not. He probably texted to confirm but when we didn't text back he just thought that we couldn't meet this week.

When we were going to district meeting on Thursday we saw this guy in the subway station playing Ping-Pong with himself. Just hitting the ball against the wall and returning it.

Sunday at church one of our member’s younger brother that lives in America was visiting on business. He brought two people he works with, one from America Tennessee/Virginia and one from Seoul. They two people the brother brought were both nonmembers and the one from America didn't speak a lick of Korean. He just came to Korea for car stuff, he is part of a small company that is doing some hydrogen thing for car engines that saves gas and stuff and stuff I really don't know anything about. Anyhow, I just talked to him at church for a little. Also the older brother that is our branch member brought his one friend to sacrament meeting. It was the guy that he brought to the picnic but they left after sacrament meeting. Hopefully he comes again and is willing to learn about the church and gospel. It is cool that one of our members is doing missionary work!

We had somewhat of a miracle. The branch president asked us to make a copy of a key and we were trying to find a place we can copy the key. It was Saturday almost time that we had to go home. We found one place that was open but he wasn't there so we called and he said to come back in one hour. We did then called him again because he wasn't there and he said that it would take one hour and then we didn't understand him over the phone. He was kind of rude. We then were rushing to try and find a place even if most were closed and we couldn't find one. I said a silent prayer earlier in my heart that we would be able to find one but we didn't. We got home and remembered that there were a bunch of keys in our house that we didn't know what they went to really, but then there was one that matched the key we were supposed to copy. I considered that a miracle. Kind of reminded me of the principle that God won't always answer your prayers in the way that you want.

That is it for this week! Have a good one!

Elder Frampton

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