Tuesday, September 30, 2014



So this past week was a pretty good week.

Last Tuesday, we took our investigator Brother Kim to family home evening in a members.  It was good. We just played a Korean traditional game and ate some delicious food. So brother Kim, because of the holiday was unable to keep to the schedule that we had made for him to quit smoking. We will work with him more closely to help him! So this week we taught about priesthood. When we taught that it was by the priesthood all the apostles in the scriptures performed miracles and that we had the priesthood too, he asked us to perform a miracle right there and then. To explain how it works we showed a Mormon message about a football kid getting struck by lightning and a new priesthood holder giving a blessing and that he turned out alright. Anyways media is such a good way to teach...luckily we had a computer in the church we could show it on. He also came to stake conference on Sunday and liked it. After there was a baptismal service that we took him too! It was a really good experience that we got really lucky with.

On Wednesday we got together with our missionary district and did a proselyting activity and a riverside park. Some people could play the ukulele and guitar so they played primary songs together and we talked to people. I talked to a lot of people, especially to old guys. I love talking to old guys. A lot easier than younger people...

On Friday Elder Aoyagi of the area presidency came to our Zone as part of mission tour. His wife gave her talk all in English, mainly just reading from her paper that maybe someone else translated to English for her. I don't know but it was fun, she said the purpose of her speaking was to keep us awake. She even had us do a little dance to put your shoulder to the wheel. So odd but so fun! For lunch they had some sandwiches that were egg sandwiches and jelly put together...sounds weird but super delicious!

Saturday's session of stake conference I tried translating to English for Elder Fairhurst, the elder of the couple that works with the military branch, the one that took us to go bowling. Anyways I didn't do a very good job. First of all it is super hard to understand Korean over loudspeaker because everything slurs together, two because they speak really fast/read really fast, three Korea is hard. But it was fun, he was only there to see how the translator (that would translate his talk the next day) how well he would do. That night the translator was translating President Barrows talk. 

Today we are going to "E-world" an amusement park place, it should be fun!

That is it! Have a good week!

Elder Frampton

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