Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Hello, so another super long week!

Has started to get cold lately so we are wearing long sleeve shirts every once in a while. Soon we will have to start wearing our suits!

So Tuesday we met a guy that we had met on the street my first week here. We had to ride a bus 30 minutes to the very edge of our area. He was waiting for us at the bus stop and we went to his house....the very first thing he said to us was the when we were with him we can speak only English with him, but when we talk to anyone else we can speak Korean....well he wants to do English so we explained the program to him and he agreed. Well we went to eat with him after and then he took us to his office. He works at a senior citizens college. We met the president and stuff. They gave us free umbrellas! It was kind of funny, we were just chilling there. So actually we first walked in and sat down with the president guy and he was talking to our friend then turned to us and was just like "okay say what you have to say." Then our friend was just like 'ohh no they are my friends they didn't just come looking to talk to you.' we were just somewhat confused at what was going on. We then kind of just sat and talked and drank some soy milk. As we were getting ready to leave there was this other guy that came in that worked somewhere else and just stopped by to drop something off or something. He was just listening as we were talking about whatever we were talking about then he said he wanted to do our English program. Also he had gospel questions because he has heard about the Mormons so we got the opportunity to just teach a short version of the restoration! It was a good experience! We didn't get his number though because the other guy rushed us out of there....we really hope he calls. We think that through this friend we will be able to meet other people and pretty much get referrals because he knows a lot of people.

Saturday we met this other college student at a cafe for our English program. He doesn't have much gospel interest but he really wants to learn English so hopefully he will try the things we ask and come to learn that the gospel is great!

That’s it this week!

Elder Frampton

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