Tuesday, September 30, 2014



Pretty good week again, pretty busy.

Our one investigator, Brother Kim, is doing well. Met him twice this week other than church. We taught about the Word of Wisdom and committed him to try and live it...he has a smoking problem so it will be hard. I followed up yesterday in church with him and he said that it is really hard but he has been praying for help. He said he has tried throwing away his packs of cigarettes and even breaking them in half but that causes way too much stress. He said he has cut down on like 1 or 2 a day though. We are going to help him make a plan this coming week when we meet so he can give up smoking.  He really wants to but an addiction is an addiction so it takes some strong will to give up, but I know he can do it. We had a meal appointment with the stake president (he is part of our branch) and we brought Brother Kim with us. It was really good. Delicious meal so he liked it. They talked a lot about just how the lessons are going and how he likes the church. If you ever have the missionaries over for a meal, encourage them to bring an investigator!

The guy that I talked about last week that called and came to English class, we met him 2 times this past week! We will continue to meet and teach him, has very little background. He called himself a fake Christian.

Today for Pday we are going to the military base to bowl and eat. The other area in our district has the military branch and members and also the senior missionary couple that pretty much works on the base. So the couple invited our district to go bowling today on the base so that is what we will do! I might get to eat some real American food!

Next week is the Korean holiday Chuseok! It is on pday so we won't get to do anything special on another day. 

Yesterday I almost had to give a talk in church because they had asked before hand but when we got to sacrament meeting they told me I didn't have to anymore because someone from the stake came instead. I was pretty relieved.

We met some good potential people on the street this past week so hopefully this week we will be able to meet them.

Yea that is pretty much it for this week! 

Elder Frampton

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