Tuesday, September 30, 2014



So this was a superrrr long week! Elder Peck and I kept thinking that we did things at the beginning of the week when they were actually the day before.

So not really much happened this week but I'll just say one or two things about each day.

Monday we had family home evening at the church, it was their first one and they are only doing it once a month. There were a few people there, it was fun, we wrote some letters to less actives and played a game called 'Do you love your neighbor'?

Tuesday we walked down to the beach area in our area and talked to people along the way, it started to rain at the end of the day and it wasn't very fun.

Wednesday we had to go teach another areas English class because both the Elders and Sisters there are training new missionaries so they were up at mission headquarters. It was really awkward because we did not know the class members!

Thursday nothing too special happened. Friday we had district meeting with the new district. I realized that I am pretty old missionary. Only 2 out of 11 other people have been in the mission longer than me. Today we went to look for a service activity at the city hall but they didn't really have any so they put us on a 'will contact if something comes up' list. Later that day we happened to run into a guy that said we could come do a lecture about America/gospel type stuff at the old people school he worked at. We called him later, he actually wants to do an English program with us so maybe he will become an new investigator!

Saturday we met this really awesome guy that I almost passed but then suddenly started talking to him. He did a lot of talking and it was really hard to cut him off because he would always cut us off when we tried to say something. Anyways he likes church stuff and the bible but he knows there is not correct stuff in the bible. We were able to share a copy of the Book of Mormon with him and it seems that he is willing to meet later!

Sunday we had church. Our branch is about 30ish people and most of them are older people. Super interesting. We took the sacrament to a really nice lady in the hospital. Later went with the branch president to visit a less active who wasn't there so he took us to dinner at his house. He is a young guy with a family, daughter serving a mission, son senior in high school, and like a 10 year daughter who is really fun! Wife is super nice too. They lived in the middle of nowhere.

So just some other information. Elder Peck is from Mesa, Arizona. 22. Cool guy. Our apartment has 2 beds so I get to sleep on a bed! Pretty old bed so not the most comfortable I have slept on but is still better than the other things I have slept on.(except the 7 yos in my last area) The apartment is the biggest one I have been in yet and it is pretty nice. We are getting a water boiler tomorrow (up until this point it has been central heating).

Super great area and I am excited to continue to serve! That is it for this week!

Elder Frampton

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