Sunday, January 26, 2014



Pretty much time is moving so fast! Another week gone by and this month more than halfway over already! Holy cow

So this week was pretty good. Pretty normal week. We are trying to find new people to teach because we are really lacking in those and I need more experiences to teach because my skills are really lacking there. It's pretty stressful actually, not being able to find people as well as not being able to speak. We are focusing on sharing the book of Mormon this week with as many people possible as well as trying to find a family and be able to do the family English program with them.

We dropped that guy I talked about last week, the one that owns the fruit truck. He is pretty much a member of New World church (Korean 'Shinchunji') This church focuses on the book of revelations in the bible....they also have the option to take a 6 month bible course that he is considering doing. He is too obsessed sort of with that and just fighting us with the bible and not really caring about what we have to say. We told him to read the Book of Mormon and call us in a week. It's sad because he is a good nice person that is just really confused and blinded.

This week we were able to meet with a less active member that we have been visiting over the past few months. We were able to teach some English to member's children and it seems she is starting to trust us. 

So while trying to talk to people on the street last night we met this guy that wanted to share a message about Jesus with us... a little random. He was a very calm and quiet man and we told him that we know about Jesus too and that we share a special message about Jesus. So maybe that'll go somewhere. I consider it just a little miracle this week.

I was able to get oatmeal from Costco through one of our devoted English class members! It means I will be happy when I eat breakfast for the next 52 days (assuming I can control myself and eat just one a day).

Saturday was awesome too. All week we were planning to try and make an appointment with this one member and then suddenly the member called us an invited us for lunch with the sisters! It was truly a miracle, when the member called she said 'so you are coming over for lunch today right?' and we told her that they never invited us, and then they told us to come over at 1. Good lunch!

We have a Korean holiday on the 31st and will not be going out.  We get to clean our apartment pretty much for 6 hours on that day....super deep clean. We have a washing machine in our apartment; everything is air dry though.

That’s it for this week!

Elder Frampton

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1-13-14 (3rd transfer date)


So I didn't get transferred and neither did Elder Moon, so we will have a 3rd transfer together! Woot! Haha.

So we found a new person to teach this week and he is really interested in the Bible and likes revelations and stuff, he doesn’t really have a specific religion but he has talked to many people about religion. He just seems to be searching for truth so we hope that we will feel the spirit when he meets with us. He sells oranges and apples out of his truck and is at a few different locations across our area so we run into him while street contacting and talks usually for 30ish minutes. But we usually tell him when we'll stop by and he tells us where he will have his truck parked. On Saturday a friend/preacher guy (sort of) from New World Church had run into him earlier right before we were supposed to meet so instead of meeting our investigator we kind of got lectured on this guy’s religion which was good because it helps us understand that church's beliefs better but not good since our investigator didn’t get a chance to talk. It was unfortunate for the both of us but we gave him the chart with scriptures that we prepared along with Elder Moon's written testimony that he felt prompted to prepare earlier so it was good because we didn’t get a chance to talk with him really.

I also went on exchanges this week and learned how to not be afraid when talking with people and to be confident. It was a good experience!

Nothing else terribly big happened this week but we did (today) find out who our new mission president will be in July since the Gilberts will be finishing up their mission!  President Kenneth S. Barrow and Sister Diane K. Barrow from Houston Texas. He is currently the stake president of the Houston Texas south stake. Pretty exciting to know but also sad to think the Gilberts are leaving.

Be safe at home and be careful with the cold weather!

Elder Frampton


Hello family and all!

So my leg just seriously got the worst cramp ever while typing this email...ouch! I got the scriptures and the cards from you and Margo and Grandma Healy but none others yet.

So this week was nothing really special. Especially slow for us. Wednesday morning we didn’t hike a mountain but we went on a really high parking lot at a college and watched the first sunrise of the New Year with our ward and then did a ward prayer thing after and went to the church and ate some delicious soup! Haha it was really awesome to be able to do that with our ward. Apparently it’s like a tradition in Korea! Super good tradition. The sun seemed especially bright and warming that day too!

On Thursday we went on a scavenger hunt for a key to the baptismal font...another 8 year old was getting baptized and we needed to clean the font and turn on the water and then we find out there was no key around.....we had to contact the bishop and then track him down to get the key. He said he was at his teaching academy and then when we got there he said he went to teach his one class at Busan national university and then his phone died or didn’t work very well so we waited like 15 minutes for him to come when he eventually got our text ..So after 2 subway rides, a taxi ride and finding our way through a college campus we got the key and eventually cleaned the font and turned on the water.

Transfer calls are this week, either me or Elder Moon could go, probably not both and we doubt both we will stay. But we will see what happens on the Thursday! It should be a busy week though, we have lots of member visits scheduled and hopefully are able to meet some new people to teach. We will see how it goes. I’m really trying hard to not have fear and replace it with faith. It’s hard to make initial conversation though.

That’s it for this week! Sorry it’s short.


Elder Frampton


Hello everyone!

I hope you had a good Christmas! Also I hope the wedding went well too! Christmas didn't really feel like Christmas here. It was weird! I got grandma's letter that day when we went to the headquarters. No more packages yet or letters so I think that/hope that I get them this week at district meeting.

So this week Brother K. received the Holy Ghost at church! Awesome right! Also we got to meet his father at their house after church ended. I don't think they are really anything alike. But he was super nice to us and seemed happy that his son is happy. We also met the grandmother and aunt too.

So on Christmas we just met at headquarters, Oncheon ward building, and other people from the zones in Busan came and hung out. We played board games and Ping-Pong. Super relaxed day and fun.

On Thursday we went with an investigator to climb Geumjeong Mountain! It was super tiring because he moved so fast. I was the slowest one! We went with him and the other team in Geumjeong. The top was super awesome we could see the city down below. There will be pictures on my card when I send it home this week...we also went again today just us, the other team, and another set of elders from our district! It was much sunnier and more clear today so we could see the city better, it was a nice hike since we didn’t go at a billion miles an hour up the mountain haha. Super fun!

That's all I have for this week really..
Elder Frampton


Dear Familia,

I just wanted to write something quick this week since I will be talking to you soon! 

So this week on Wednesday we had the mission Christmas meeting at our ward in Geumjeong! It was super awesome! There were a lot of missionaries there! So every year the Gilberts pick a movie to watch that can be related to the gospel somehow and this year we got to watch the chronicles of Narnia - the lion the witch and the wardrobe! It was fun and weird to watch a movie! I've seen that movie so many times before but I never really realized how cheesy the jokes and how not very good the acting is in that movie...haha 

This Saturday was the ward Christmas party and that was pretty fun too! We were practicing for our skit that we would perform and an unfortunate event happened. One of the sister missionaries tripped on the electric piano chord and broke it. The power chord wouldn’t plug in meaning we couldn’t turn it on. We were all really scared we would get in trouble so we spent a bunch of time trying to find a place that could fix it.....long story short is that nothing was open on Saturday we realized miraculously that the piano took batteries and the night was saved.....bad news is that we still have to spend the time to get it fixed for real and probably have to pay too. But that shouldn’t be too expensive since we will split the cost 6 ways. The skit turned out awesome at night! I was the 'main actor' and I got lots of good jobs lol. It was just a narrated story so I didn’t do any talking;)

Love Elder Frampton


Hello family,

So this week was a pretty productive week! We had talked to a lot of people on the streets. Met with a 2 people that are new investigators, one is a young guy maybe 18 or 19, catholic, pretty open minded. The other was a referral from another area. Pretty open too but the only reason we got him as a referral was because we are the missionaries closest to his place of work. He lives an hour subway ride away so we think we will talk to him about referring him to the missionaries down there because we think that he and his family will probably get taught together eventually. Especially because coming to church in Geumjeong wouldn’t be very reasonable when we invite him. This week was just full of miracles like that! The biggest one is that our investigator called his father and asked for permission to be baptized and received it! The baptism will probably be on the 23rd and he will get baptized the same time as one of the member’s 8 year olds sons! Exciting! 

Also another miracle was that right before English class on Saturday we got a call from the bishop saying he was bringing 4 of his English academy students to the church to play ping-pong/teach them English. So me and Elder Moon friendship them and invited them to the Christmas party and got their numbers. That’s 4 potential investigators! Miracle! 

One word of advice, if you see a miracle in your life, thank God! He will be more willing to give them and you will be able to see them! I owe those miracles to the application of that principle!

So I don't know why but I definitely expected it to be colder here! Some days it’s cold some days it’s not. But it’s definitely colder back in PA than here! Last Wednesday it snowed for about 3 minutes! It was so disappointing! ripoff! Especially since Seoul has been getting lots of snow! I love snow but I never get any!

We finally gave cookies to almost all members so I don’t have to make cookies everyday anymore! well I have to cook at least 12 everyday so we can take them to our investigator but I just make the dough once every few days then stick them in the oven when I need them. I pretty much make awesome cookies now;) just kidding but I bought chocolate and peanut butter to make peanut butter chocochip cookies! I buy little wrapped chocolates and spend like 3 minutes chopping them up. Quite tasty!

In our apartment we have 2 choices when we sleep at cold when we wake up in the morning, or toast in an oven at night and wake up burning hot in the morning.....the floor heater just cooks us when we have our beds down because all the heat just gets trapped there. We have decided to leave it off and be cold in the mornings for now until we can figure something else out.

That’s it for this week! 

Love,  Elder Frampton