Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Dear everyone,

I have terrible news. I chipped my tooth this week! It was my front top left tooth! It is one I think I have chipped before in my life. I pretty much had a mental breakdown when it happened because losing a tooth is pretty much my worst fear. So I was eating a piece of soft candy and was biting it with my front teeth. Anyway I bit right through and my top and bottom teeth didn't hit right and just chipped the tooth. The moment it happened I knew and was even more sure when I chewed a piece of hard something...I accidentally swallowed it because I panicked. I look somewhat like a hill-billy now.

It didn't end up staying a bad day because we ended up meeting a guy that has English and gospel interest. It seems like he has some gospel interest and wants to meet so maybe this week we will get to meet him!

We got to watch General Conference this past weekend. It was really good, a lot of testifying about Christ. The spirit was strong the whole time. During Priesthood session President Eyring gave a talk similar to last year’s talk he gave. He shared some of the same stories so I found it very interesting.

Between conference sessions on Saturday we went on a 'hike/picnic' with our branch. Elder Peck and I realized how old the people in our branch really are. 

So this week we were walking and just suddenly we started talking with this dad that was holding a kid. We kind of stopped stared and I randomly said 'are you a family?' and we started to talk and we talked about the Book of Mormon and how it can help strengthen families. He accepted a copy and gave us his number, they looked pretty interested. It was a really good experience because we felt that we were guided to them. It was kind of disappointing when we called them and said that he wasn't interested necessarily right now. He said he was interested in Buddhism and first he had to finish a Buddhist book that was bigger than the Book of Mormon. He said once he finishes that he will read the Book of Mormon. He says he will get to that in April...Super frustrating! Maybe his wife will read it or something and then they will want to meet someday sooner or maybe when he will read it he will be touched by the Spirit.

God is a God of miracles but everyone has their agency and I accept that!

Have a great week!

Elder Frampton

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