Tuesday, September 30, 2014



Super good this week! Very busy again! A lot of things that happened. 

So the biggest thing that happened was that in the neighboring area (part of our missionary district) held a luau at their church. They had been preparing for a long time, even before I came. Well they had us participate and help out, so when I came I had to learn 3 dances in two weeks. Anyways we helped prepare for that this week and practiced some more and then had it on Saturday. Over 100 people showed up! There were 10 acts, 2 ukulele acts, 1 hula act which I participated in, like 3 native American dances, 2 hip hop ones, a new Zealand dance using Boi, these balls attached to strings that we swing around, then like a clapping rhythm thingamabob which I also participated. One of the elders in the other area is from Australia but his dad is like a professional dancer and so he took a lot of lessons from him so one of the Native American dances was a sweet hoop dance. Can’t even describe it. By the end he had like 8 hoops and used them as wings of a bird.....it was cool! 

This week we had 4 investigators that could potentially come to church but then none of them came! 2 of them later told us that they couldn't come because of either work or family event. The other 2 we haven't heard from yet. Well we met one, brother Kim Kyeong Hwan, guy that really loves our church. We met him Sunday but also earlier in the week on Wednesday as well. We invited him to read the Book of Mormon and pray and we would check up every other day. We found out on Wednesday that he liked the church but didn't really know if Heavenly Father existed or not. Well when we heard from him last he had prayed but hadn't read. Then when met on Sunday night and he had read! He said that he really loves the church and now the Book of Mormon. He really enjoyed reading it. He said that it taught him about Christ and he felt good while reading it. He even was like, while reading I definitely received inspiration. He says he that he feel God and Jesus Christ and the Spirit exist, he first thought as one person but then we helped him to understand that they are 3 separate beings. Also at first he thought it was inspiration but not necessarily an answer from God. We helped him to realize that is exactly how an answer comes! It was one of the greatest experiences ever! He just seemed so peaceful! and happy! He didn't accept the baptismal invitation we extended but he gladly accepted to pray about it in order to know whether that is when he should be baptized! He is super great.

So something unexpected happened when we were waiting at the church before English Class on Thursday. We were waiting and the phone in the clerk's office started ringing. It was someone who was going to come to English class! It was unexpected because we have no idea how they got that number. One of the only ways is to look at the little sign outside the church doors on the second floor. Our cell number is on it too so it is weird that his friend who gave the number had the number. We are super glad we answered it because he now became a new investigator! He is a tennis coach and travels a lot with his students and he is going to the states in a few months and needs to learn useful phrases and words so he can use them at hotels and stores and such! We set up with him to meet him 2 times a week! He seems pretty open to hearing the gospel and trying commitments! Very awesome

This week was rainy again. Probably at least a third of the time I have been here it has rained. We walk around little streams and puddles that form, sometimes big puddles... my shoes often get soaked! Very not fun. haha

Hope you have a good week! 

Elder Frampton

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