Monday, December 29, 2014


So this week was pretty long but also fast. Yea.

So last Monday we had family home evening here at the church. We made little cards for everyone and they were to answer the question 'what kind of missionary do I want to become?' On the card, one side was a picture of Christ and the other side was where they wrote. We took them back and are laminating them and then giving them back. That was our spiritual message and then for the activity we made sandwiches and ate them as refreshments. Might sound like a lame idea but it was fun. The Koreans loved it. We just made ham sandwiches with cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes. They kept asking if it was what we ate in America.

Tuesday it rained a lot. It was awful, luckily we pretty much had to practice for musical numbers for the following day. We got soaked walking to the church. We then had to go to a different church in a neighboring area and practice our districts musical number and then after that we had to go to another church and Elder Peck had to play the piano for the other district in our zones musical number. Lots of travel and practice....

Wednesday we had zone conference with the Barrows. We learned many good things that we can apply in our work. 

Later in the day we were trying to talk to people. At night Elder Peck used the bathroom in a subway station and I tried talking to a guy. After he came out we were able to share a Book of Mormon with the man. He doesn't really have any interest in learning from us but he said he would try to read the book.

Thursday we had our service activity which we usually do on Wednesday. We also had our English class at night.

Friday Elder Peck had to go to a neighboring area to do a baptismal interview (he is the district leader). Super cool college lady. We also went to her baptism on Sunday. It was interesting because she skyped a friend in America and one of the sisters that taught her who finished her mission last month.

Saturday we met with that guy that I told you about a long time ago. He likes English and knows lots of people. We went to his house and ate dinner with him and his wife. His grandson was also there....We prayed together over the food and then also right before we left. We invited them to try and pray together. The wife was really nice and old. She gave us a big hug right before we left. It was pretty funny and cute.

Today almost the whole mission got together at the mission headquarters and we had a 5k race. The Barrow's really enjoy running and want us to be healthy so they had this put together. We could walk, run, crawl if we wanted. I ran of course and I ran it in 22:52. Pretty decent for not running that in pretty much 1.5 years..I guess I walk more than that in a day but it was still so hard.

Well that is it for this week! Happy Halloween!

Elder Frampton

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