Monday, April 28, 2014


Hello family!

This week was a pretty average week. It is test time for all schools right now so no one can meet us and no one is out on the basketball courts to try and play with!

Tuesday we had our last interviews with President Gilbert ever! Darn! Since they go home in like 7ish weeks! Well we had to travel an hour and a half to get to the area that we were doing them in and we left at 6:40 pm. That day for lunch we had McDonalds.......but the good thing is that McDonalds taste a lot better here in Korea than in the US. We had a lesson that night planned with the one guy and the sisters had one with the Filipina wife but he canceled on us like an hour before! (He also canceled our appointment Friday too just 2 hours before that one). He did make an appointment for Thursday so we got to see him then...

Thursday we were just walking around looking for people to talk to and we met this one guy that was playing basketball. He is in his 30s really likes basketball and wants to learn from Elder Brown. He says he doesn't care for religion really but it seems he has thought a lot about it and he knows an awful lot about our church. We aren't convinced that he doesn't like religion but we will see. We met him on Saturday for a little during our basketball activity and then he took us to lunch. We were able to pray with him. He was like 'oh you pray like Christians pray' and we were like yea! He was totally fine with it so I think he will be fine with us sharing messages with him when we play.

It rained yesterday from like 3pm until now and hasn't fun right? It is supposed to rain more of this week I heard so that won't be fun!

On Sunday when Elder Brown was blessing the water during sacrament meeting a spider crawled over his hand and he was able to keep his cool...super funny!

That’s really it for this week


Elder Frampton


Hello Family!

This has been a good week! Right now I am actually talking on the phone with Roger from my last area on the phone so it is hard to type! Haha I’ve been keeping in contact with him about once a week. 

Okay just finished talking with him so it is easier to type now. Last week P-day was fun, we went and hiked the small mountain and we could see so far, Sacheon is actually right next to the ocean so we could see the ocean at the top! When we went down the other side we went to this cafe and Elder Lamb is friends with the owner so we got a bunch of free was crazy! Super delicious though!

Also that night we met with a guy for the first time that wants to learn English and is very open to the gospel it seems. He says he likes the bible and it has good words and that he will study and do whatever homework we ask him to do so we are excited to teach him again. He said he can meet two times a week. He is in the air force and on Wednesday we were supposed to meet him again but we received a text talking about the ship accident and that he was not allowed to leave the airbase because of it so we couldn’t meet.....actually at the time we received the text we didn't know about the ship accident so we had no idea what his text actually meant because without knowing about the accident, the text out of context made it seem like he was saying that he was 'submersed in time' or something, which we took to understand that he was just busy with military work stuff. Super confusing. We hope to meet him this week but it will all depend if he is able to leave the base and when the whole accident situation gets completely resolved and such. (Note: the Korean ferry sank killing more than 200 students)

So before I came Elder Brown was teaching this guy English and the gospel and I met with him once the first week I was here and he actually ended our meeting because his wife from the Philippines came to Korea on the Saturday before. So when I met him for the first time I also met his wife. She doesn't speak Korean so he was learning English with us so he could communicate with her. So now we were able to set up something new after discussing it with him and the Sisters are going to meet with the Filipino wife and teach her Korean for 30 minutes and gospel in English for 30 minutes because the husband wants her to learn Korean. Confusing right? Well we will also start teaching him again 30 minutes English and 30 gospel and hopefully the wife will have gospel interest because that is the way that we are going to try to get the husband more interested.

 Yesterday we met with a guy from South Africa. Not to be racist or anything, but to specify, he is white. It was very interesting....he is somewhat of a conspiracy theory person...he actually talked about everything that is anything. He talked 2 and a half hours straight to us....not with us but to/at us! It was crazy how he could just go on and on and on. He is a hard core Christian and we pretty much found out everything we need to know about his beliefs and how we will teach him in the future. We were able to at least give him a restoration pamphlet and asked him to read it and then we will talk about it next time. He could either be really accepting because he seems like someone who would embrace truth but at the same time he seems like someone who could just be pleased with his religion and beliefs and not want to 'change. We will see.

Yesterday night in celebration for Easter we made scones! It was crazy making them, took a lot of work, our dinner time and then at night after we planned. They were messy but super delicious! Haha

That’s it for this week!
Have a good week!


Elder Frampton



My new area is awesome! It is super sweet. Not the best for teaching right now because it is hard to find investigators but we are working on that;) The branch is super awesome! It is only like 12 or 13 people but it is like a family. After 2 days of seeing them I already feel a little like a part of the family. It will be a good time here. We spend a lot of time riding buses going to different areas in our area and the shortest one is 30 minutes. It is good napping/studying time because it is super hard to talk to people on those buses. Elder Brown is super sweet, he is from Washington and is super fun and always positive. The house is nice, bigger than that 4 man house in Geumjeong. I actually have my own desk now;)

One of the things we try to do is play basketball in order to meet people. There are nice basketball courts by our house so there are students usually playing there. It is probably the most effective way to finding investigators in this area. It has worked for Elder Brown since he has gotten here. We have a few investigators but none of them can really meet right now because it is the busy test time in school.

We got to watch General Conference this past weekend, we watched it on a computer in the church in English while the rest of the branch watched it in Korean. I loved it! So many awesome talks. I really enjoyed Elder Andersen's talk. It is interesting that so many talks were related yet so different. It really helps us see what is really important to remember and do in these days.

Today we are going to go hike over this little mountain that is in the area that we live. One Elder, Elder Lamb, served in this area a year ago and told us about it and now he is in our district so we are going as a district to hike this little mountain. He says it is super sweet and beautiful.

That's it for this week really

Elder Frampton


Hello everyone~! So the big news for the week is that I did end up being transferred! I got transferred to a place called Sa Chon. It is the most west area in the mission and is apparently really country. I just arrived here after riding two buses for a total of 3 hours. I haven't seen much yet but I'll bet there is lots to see. My companion is Elder Brown. He hasn’t been out on his mission only two more months than me and has been in this area for 4 months already, he just finished training here. I don't know much about him yet but I will send some more things next week when I know.  The branch here has around like 15 members apparently. Tomorrow we are going to go help someone farm! Should be fun.

Nothing too exciting happened this past week! I did a lot of walking around.

On Saturday Roger came to our English class and then he took us out to dinner afterwards. Unfortunately during dinner he got a really bad headache so we couldn't teach him a lesson afterwards. Kind of disappointing but that is okay. He really like our English class and said that it was much better than he expected it to be. He said it was much better than the community English class he attends! Woot go missionaries! Haha what was good that we found out though was that he had read the gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet we gave him as well as the plan of salvation one that he hadn't read before. Also he said he was reading from the Book of Mormon, not just that he read it but he is reading from it! I will miss him, I promised to call him from my new area every few days.

English class was really awesome on Saturday especially. We had Roger come and another new girl and 4 Vietnamese people. There were like 10 people in class that day! The one girl and 4 Vietnamese people we had met on Friday while doing a proselyting activity by Busan national university, so it was really cool to see them come. We think the Vietnamese people have potential to become investigators later, they are super nice, they know English pretty well and don't really know Korean.

The weather was super weird this week, it was hot in the beginning of the week then cooled down a lot at the end. Super weird.

Oh another thing was that we had an investigator at church! My last Sunday and it was one of the only times that happened. It was a guy we had met on Tuesday that said he wanted to us to teach him English and he wanted to check out church. So he actually came to church! We went and met him at the subway station and got late to church but luckily just in time for the sacrament. I probably won't really find out how a lot of those things turn out but I'm glad that I was able to leave with things getting moving in Geumjeong.

That's it for this week! Love, Elder Frampton



Wow so it was super warm a lot of the days this week. Last Monday we got an email saying that we didn't have to wear suit coats anymore since it was supposed to be hot. It was hot! It starting to feel like summer again which is a little scary because it is deathly humid! Luckily it still is a nice temperature and humidity still and probably will be this way for a month or so I hope. This week it rained for two days and wasn't very fun we got wet a lot.

This week was another good week actually! It was a little sad because our one Chinese investigator leaves on Wednesday for Japan so we saw him for the last time on Friday:( He was slowly moving on the right pathway to receiving an answer to his prayers in order to find God. He is going to give us his address in Japan so we can refer him to Japanese missionaries. He is such a good person with a true desire to know God. Hopefully when he comes back in September I will be able to see him again. Maybe he will even be baptized between now and then! He told us that when he comes to know god he would be willing to be baptized and do whatever it takes to receive true happiness.

So this week we met Roger again and found out his Korean name. Beh Sung Gyun, haha. We were really wondering. When we met he actually took us to dinner and we ate like meat leafs and kimchi at this nice restaurant. It sounds like that wouldn't be a very good meal to you probably but that is a super good meal to us here in Korea;) We then went to a coffee shop afterwards to talk and we were able to teach the whole Plan of Salvation. He said he understood all of it and that he didn't have any questions because he doesn't know very much anyways. He said it’s similar to what he already believed. He hadn't been able to read the Book of Mormon before we met though because he was too busy:( That was a little let down, so we just asked him to read and pray this time too. We will probably meet him once a week. Since he has retired and has nothing to do he actually started volunteering as a person who gives parking tickets for 4 hours a day.

Today we aren't really doing anything special for pday but that is fine with me. We are in a three some today with Elder Wunderli because his companion went up to Seoul alone because he has an interview thing that he has to do for military service which he will serve soon after his mission ends in 2 months. This week is transfer calls so next week I think I will most likely be in a different area! Haha I have been in Geumjeong for almost 6 months! It is sad because last week we told we were moving from the apartment we are in to a bigger one closer to the church, darn! Haha the sisters have to move too so they are actually going to move into the apartment we are in after we move.

That’s it for this week!

Elder Frampton



These weeks are flying by super fast! Holy cow! This week we had another few miracles that will hopefully lead to something more later this week!

First Roger. 

On Tuesday when I was going to the bathroom in the subway station Elder Sperle met a man named Roger. He is Korean and 70 years old and loves English. He is super awesome at it, a grammar master actually. Knows all the little tricks and rules that native speakers have no idea how to explain. Well we met him that night and gave him our number and set up an appointment on the next day, Wednesday, because he wanted to meet. (He has lots of time he says because he is retired. On Wednesday we went to meet him and he showed up 10 minutes late. He told us that he tried to call to tell us he would be late but he typed our number wrong in his phone. Haha. 

Well we went to a coffee shop to talk and it went very well. He had gone to like we suggested and he also read the restoration pamphlet that we gave him! He understood it very well!  As we talked he was very open to the idea of the restoration except for the fact that how
could someone as young as Joseph Smith receive that kind of revelation or vision? That lead perfectly into introducing the Book of Mormon and that he didn't need to believe just our words but he could find out for himself! He said he would read and pray. Hopefully we can meet him again this week, he had said that he would call on Sunday to set something up, but we think he forgot because he didn't call.

Friday was an interesting day. We had 2 appointments that day originally planned and we were supposed to be very busy! But unfortunately both of them cancelled! It was so sad! They
coincidentally both came down with a cold! What are the odds of that?!? Haha no big deal though.

Yesterday we were walking on the street and kind of walked by a bar restaurant place when this guy called us over to him. He apparently had seen and talked to lots of missionaries before when he was in college like 10 years ago. Well he was really drunk and long story short when he asked if we had lots of converts that they originally when we met them they were drunk...we said no but that he would be the first one. When we said that he started doing a funny little dance and singing 'I'm gonna be a Mormon, I'm gonna be a Mormon!' It was all in English too. His friend that was with him hit him over the head. Just a really funny experience.

 Well that is really all for this week actually! Have an awesome week!


Elder Frampton