Monday, May 25, 2015


Last week. Still hasn't really hit me yet.

Well this week we had a dinner night activity at the church and around 20 investigators came. Family and friends of members. Really good outcome. More of them came then members at first. Good for them to just see the church and know that we are not a crazy church but good. So maybe in the future many many miracles will happen in this area.

One young man on Sunday brought his friend to church. Good to see members doing missionary work!

Brother Kang and Sister Lee are doing well. Their baptismal date got moved to June 7 because next week Sister Lee has to go to Seoul.

Had some other cool stuff happen this week but It is actually really confusing so I'll explain when I get home....:/

Anyhow I love missionary work!

Have a good week!

Elder Frampton



So this week I went on exchanges with a missionary named Elder Lees. We are like best friends so it was a really fun exchange. We talked to a lot of people and learned a lot of things.

Our investigators, the mother and son, came to church again. We had planned to talk about the plan of salvation but they had questions about the Book of Mormon. Then we ended up talking about baptism. At first they did not see the need for baptism but after talking and our member talking with them as well they agreed to baptize! There date is set for the 31st of this month. Please pray for them! Brother Kang and Sister Lee.

Well I don't really know what else to tell you about...only 2 more weeks.

Well have a good week!

Elder Frampton



I'll make a quick little email today even though I called.

So Tuesday we had our ward picnic. It was perfect weather! I got sun burn really bad....Anyhow our investigators (referrals) came to the picnic. They had a really good time, the mother and the son. We played sports a lot with the son and the young men in the ward.

They also came to church on Sunday for the first time. It seems like they liked it. Different from their other church but it went well! We taught the restoration during gospel principles class and the mother was very interested. She asked questions and shared her thoughts and they agreed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. The mother really liked the talks in sacrament meeting. One member talked about the temple and service, so the mother investigator is interested in what temples are all about. Next time;)

That's it!

Elder Frampton


This week was good!

The one investigator that we have that is doing the English Program read the Book of Mormon assignment we gave him! He said he didn't have interest when we first started to meet but as we were talking during English time he started to talk about the Book of Mormon part he read! We got to talk about the Book of Mormon a little bit more and a little of the restoration. He seemed to be listening and we assigned him a chapter to read and he said he would read it! I think that the spirit is slowly opening his heart to the message of the gospel!

We were proselyting during some extra time we had and we walked past a phone store and said hello to the man standing outside. He said hello back so we struck up a conversation. Before it could go too far he invited us into his phone shop! We talked for a good 15 20 minutes. We got to talk about the Book of Mormon and he seemed a little interested. He said that he gets bored in his shop so he told us to stop by a lot so we can talk! True miracle!

We got a few opportunities to do service this week! We helped a member move a different member's treadmill to even a different member's house. The member who used to own the treadmill is moving so yesterday we went and helped clean the apartment he will be moving into. On Saturday we got to help clean the church a little!

No one came to English class because of the long holiday weekend (Children's day). But one of the young men in our ward brought his one friend to the church and we got to play some basketball with him and be his friend. He is not quite ready to be an investigator yet but maybe in a few weeks or something. It was good to see the young man doing missionary work. The young men here are really impressive sometimes. Every fast Sunday a few of them always get up and bear their testimony about something.

The one investigator that hasn't responded to our calls or texts still hasn't. But we saw him this morning on our way back home from exercising. I just don't think he really has interest in church as he said he did. We will see...

Well that was our week! Hope you have a good one!


Elder Frampton


Hello family!

This week as a verrry slow week. New companion, only Korean, my brain is about to explode. That plus spring allergies is killing me. My eye was swollen last week and then again this week because of the allergies I think. I have been taking medicine but it really hasn't helped much. No big deal though, it is actually not that bad.

So this week we did not meet with the one investigator that we wanted to talk about baptism with. He didn't answer our calls or texts and didn't come Sunday. He didn't go to the church on Friday to play baseball with our members (we went to hopefully meet him but he didn't show). He texted our member saying that he wouldn't go. I don't know why isn't answering us.

We met one of our less actives. Instead of speaking English we spoke in Korean. It was much different. I didn't really talk much 1. I didn't know what to say 2. He pretty much filled my companion in on everything he told me over the past 4 weeks -------He came to church again on Sunday for Sacrament meeting. It was good! We stayed with him and a member and talked for another 2.5 hours. Well I and my companion just listened to our member talk most of the time. The less active pitched in too. 

Met a guy for the 2nd time. English program. He doesn't really have much interest in the gospel right now and he receives pressure if we talk gospel to him so we can't do that very much yet. We did give him a Book of Mormon, shortly introduced, and asked him to read it. We will see. We think that as we meet with him he'll trust us more and be more open to the listening to the gospel.

So our investigator and his mom (who is an investigator too) Came to English class this week! Our member who referred them brought them. We talked with them for a few minutes before and built trust. Apparently they stopped going to their church recently so they can make the transition to ours. They really like English class. That made me feel good since I try to teach well and fun. Anyhow our member says try to meet them at their house to teach the gospel. We will see if that works out this week.

Okay that is it for this week!
Have a good week!
Elder Frampton


Hello familia,

So this week’s news is transfers. My last transfer and guess what? I have a Korean companion!  His name is Elder Lee. Doesn't speak English really so my Korean hopefully will get a lot better this last transfer and hopefully we can get a lot of good work done here. Also hopefully my brain won't explode from only Korean...

So there was the family that was a referral that I had told you about. Well we still aren't meeting them because the husband is still going through treatments and such. Well anyway they live in a faraway place in our area. We ended up going to that area this past week just to have a look around. Well we went and as we were walking, coincidentally we met the wife! She said that today she had just run to town to get pick up some stuff and what a coincidence it was that we met her. I consider that a big miracle because it was a last minute decision to go to that area. 

Oh we had interviews with President this week and they were good. We did district meeting at the same time and tried some new stuff in district meeting that was fun and helpful.

Wednesday we met a guy for the first time. Appointment. I had met him a few weeks ago and he showed English interest. We had invited him to English class but he is busy during that time so we set something up during the week and were able to meet him. We explained our English program to him but he kind of felt a little pressure. He said he wants to do it though. So this week we are going to try and meet him again.

Met one of our members that owns a Taekwondo place and got to talk with her for a little and do a cartwheel with the kids there. 

Went to visit a less active and we gave her a rock with Jesus Christ written on it. She absolutely loved it. I had gotten the idea from the April Liahona and felt we should give that to her. We don't know why she doesn't come to church because she has a huge testimony of the gospel. Since Elder Glover was leaving she invited us to her house for a meal the next day with her, her husband, and her son. We had a very good time with them eating delicious food. We sang a song for them. Elder Glover played his ukulele while I sang and I played my tin whistle as he sang. It was very fun and brought the spirit!

We met with one guy this week. Well he called us last Monday around 5 pm right before pday ended and he said he wanted to meet in 10 minutes. So we ended pday early to meet him. We read the book of Mormon with him because he was reading by himself but couldn't understand so we read and talked about it with him. He says he really wants to be a better person and follow the example of Jesus Christ. Next time I think we might be able to invite him to be baptized!

Sunday we had a fireside at the Stake Center. It was for investigators, recent converts, and less actives. The one guy I just spoke about came when the meeting ended..ate dinner there. He talked to other investigators and members and missionaries in the stake so even though he didn't attend the meeting it was a good opportunity. An English class member came which was good. Also our member that referred someone last transfer and we had only been able to meet him once brought the referral and also his mom. They both thought the meeting was really good and the member says we should contact them often. We probably will be able to teach the both of them later!

This week was great and I hope you have a good one too!

Love, Elder Frampton


Hello, family!

This week was pretty good. Made some cookies for a member’s birthday and dropped them outside their door. At nice apartment buildings there are locked keypad doors to get into the apartment. Since we wanted to leave the cookies secretly we asked the security guy to open the door....he said go to the door and call him on the intercom. We did that and waited, and waited for about 2 minutes...we were watching the door for it to open but we never saw it move. (It was a sliding door) so the security guy probably saw us and came over and told us how to call him on the intercom (I don't know why) but then he was like "the door is already open." Well little did we realize that the door was open already when we got there. We got distracted by the fact that we were waiting for movement rather than looking to see the position of the door, which was open...We felt really dumb. Anyhow the member liked our cookies!

We met the one less active again at his English academy. I was on exchanges with another elder and we met with Brother Kim. We had a really good lesson with him. The spirit was super strong as we taught to his needs rather than a lesson. He has lots of questions and challenges to overcome in his life right now. Although he has been less active for 20 years, he surprisingly remembered much of the doctrine! We were just reminding him and as he talked to us I think the spirit helped him solve a lot of his questions and helped him know what is right. We really didn't do much teaching, just listening and giving short words of truth and encouragement. He was unable to come to church this week for general conference sadly but he said that he will come next week.

As we met another less active that just has lots of concerns and doesn't really want to come to church I really didn't know what to say. I didn't know how to react and I was really trying to listen to the spirit for words to say but nothing came. I was confused because I really was expecting to receive words of comfort and help to say to her. What I felt though was just God's love for her. Just an overwhelming sense of peace that God still loves her no matter what the circumstances. I let her know what I was feeling and the surety that I knew it came from God. We prayed and left.

The investigator that came to church last week wouldn't answer our calls and only answered some of our texts. We couldn't meet him. He played baseball with a member this past week which was good but the member told us that the investigator said he was going to Japan....well the investigator texted us during church and said he was in Hiroshima , Japan for business...a little odd and sudden. Hopefully everything works out.

English class on Saturday was great. We had our usuals and because of conference at the church 2 sisters and one young man came to English class! It was great. They had a great time and said they would come again. It was really a much more fun class with them there. 

Conference was good. Learned a lot about the importance scripture study and prayer plays in every aspect of our life. Surprised that President Monson didn't speak as much as he usually does. He must be pretty weak and tired.

Well Hope everyone has a good week!


Elder Frampton


Hello, Happy Easters! 

I actually forgot until half way until church when I just read a little note on the bulletin board...It was not mentioned at all during church.

This week was good. I'll start with Sunday. Back story. When we were ending companion exchanges on Friday we walked into the bus terminal and a guy said hello to meet. We talked and talked about church and stuff and I invited him to church. We exchanged numbers and he said he would be there. After confirming on Saturday night if he could come, he showed up Sunday to church. We have sacrament meeting last so we had priesthood and talked a lot about Joseph Smith and even read from Joseph Smith history during the lesson. It was super good, he even took notes. We had gospel doctrines and the lesson was about God. Then sacrament meeting, he fell asleep halfway through but he made it that far which is impressive. Lastly after church there was a baptism. A different branch in another area came to our building for the baptism since they don't have a font. The guy attended that too! It was just a great day since he really likes church and the people and missionaries too. He likes English. Anyhow during church he mentioned a few times about when we met. He said that he was always praying, especially recently, for God to send someone to him. That day when he saw us missionaries, especially because we were foreigners, he couldn't pass up the opportunity. He said that when I turned towards him that my eyes had a bright light radiating from them. It was a big testimony builder to me to know that I could reflect that light of Jesus Christ.

Today we hiked Geumo Mountain. It was very hard and tiring actually. It was easy most of the way until the last part. Last 3rd actually. 2 Km of just awfulness. It was rainy today too and when we got to the top we couldn't see anything but the sight was cool. Just mist everywhere and being up in the clouds was awesome. Took 3 hours up, 1 down.

On Saturday we went fishing and played a game called Jokgu which is just volleyball with your feet. Fishing, no one really caught anything. Oh we went with the men from the ward, not just by ourselves;) Anyhow, one guy caught 8 fish and that was it, no one caught anything else. It was perfect weather, started to rain as we left. I got sunburn. I think we really improved our relationship with the ward this week.

Wednesday we cleaned the carpets in the church and did some garden work around the church.

Some of Wednesday, Thursday, and some of Friday I did companion exchanges with a Korean. I had to speak Korean the whole time. I got a bad headache by the end. I think that is why I never had any other Korean companions after the first 5 transfers. Anyhow, we had 2 opportunities to give priesthood blessings! It was such a blessing to us and especially to my companion. He is in his first transfer so newly ordained to the priesthood as well so he got his first experience giving a blessing this week.

Went and met a less active that owns an English academy. He was very nice and wants to start meeting with us regularly and coming back to church! It seems that he just needs lots of love from us and the ward. Been less active for 20 years but still believes the church to be true! What a miracle. He was supposed to come to church but an urgent thing came up so next week he said he will come!

I am so grateful for all the miracles I have seen this week and all the miracles I will see next week! I love this work and this gospel!

Have a good week!

Love, Elder Frampton