Monday, December 29, 2014



So this week was not quite exciting as last week :( still a good week though!

So I went on companion exchanges this week with Elder Wunderli in his area. Elder Wunderli is the Elder I lived with in Geumjeong for maybe 4 months. So it was a good time. His area is an island that is pretty much a city built on a mountain so there are many many hills. We were walking up this one to go see a member at her street stand but since she was busy we just walked by. Then we passed a lady that was struggling to carry a bag of cabbage up the hill so we offered to help and we carried it up the hill to her apartment. As we walked carrying it we talked with her about who we were and why were in Korea and shared a simple testimony. She didn't have any interest on the surface but I know we had a positive influence on her. We gave a card so hopefully her or her husband looks at the website one day or something. I'm just glad we had that opportunity for simple act of service. Later that day we went to a member's restaurant and ate some delicious food for free! We were able to talk to a good amount of people as we proselyted too.

So in these Elder's house there were a bunch of old Ensigns from like 1988-1991. Since they didn't read them I decided to take a bunch back to my house in my area. While looking through them I came across an article in the February 1988 edition called "The Framptons: "We still like each other after all these years" I'm assuming that we have no relation to them but it was a very funny title. It was just about how they have a bunch of family traditions or something. The old ensigns have a lot of super long articles with sometimes humorous titles.

On Sunday we had the primary program in Church. Usually there are only like 2 kids in primary but another girl that sometimes comes came. Also they had the young women and young men participate too. It was very good, the topic was like Eternal families and it was just very simple. Similar to how we do it in America but also a little different. The 2 usual primary kids played primary songs on their recorder. (The little instrument that people play in like elementary school)

We had 'zone meeting' on Thursday. They talked about sharing this new video that the church released. Next week we will get little cards with this video to start passing out to people. That will be great for talking to people on the street. I will more easily be able to share my testimony that I know the Savior lives and loves us! 

That is it for this week!
Have a great week!

Elder Frampton

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