Tuesday, September 30, 2014



So sorry for the late email this week. Yesterday was the Korean holiday Chuseok. We gathered as a missionary zone at one of the other areas church buildings pretty much all day and had lunch, talent show, and board games. Very fun. Because of that event we did not have time to email yesterday and also because pretty much most stores are close so we don't have access to computer. So we were allowed to email today.

So this week was pretty good and pretty slow.

We met Brother Kim last Tuesday and set up a plan to help him stop smoking. It puts him giving up smoking sometime next month because he started out smoking 20 cigarettes a day. We have not been able to meet him since then because of the holiday but we will meet him today actually and see how he has been doing. I have kept in touch with him every day to encourage him. On Friday or Saturday he sent a text saying something like 'I prayed and asked for help to give up smoking and it seems that I have received help to meet my goal.' He was talking about his goal for the day but it is amazing to see that he is receiving heaven sent help and that he truly desires to give up smoking. 

So we met another potential investigator this week. He is a man from Nepal in Korea looking for work. We met him a few weeks ago and finally were able to meet. He said he was very interested in what Christians believed and said he wants to learn the gospel!

So this week was one of the most sad weeks on my mission....I lost the 'Apollo moon' tie bar that I always wore. I wore it every day on my mission except for 3 days when I forgot! I was getting up out of my seat on the bus when it fell off. I thought I heard something hit the ground when I got up so I turned around and didn't see anything. It wasn't until later when I realized it wasn't there that I realized that it was my tie bar that had fallen! Super Sad!!!!

Once again sorry for the late email!

Elder Frampton

Parents Note:

Since we did not hear from Chris on Monday, Belinda scanned the Internet for anything that may be happening in Korea that would not allow Chris to not be able to write.
She found a Busan Korea Facebook page and was scanning it when she saw a photo. Upon looking closely at the photo she saw Elder Frampton was in it.  She sent it to him and he did not even have a copy though he knew someone had taken it. They apparently made the poster out of cardboard and put topics that my be important to people and asked people on the street put a sticker on the one they thought was important so they could start a conversation.

A miracle!

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