Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Hello everybody!

So I have news! Well I got transferred again, after only 6 weeks in Gyeongsan I am leaving! 

I am back in Busan again in an area called GweJeong. So one of the subway lines in Busan is the orange line and when I served in Geumjeong I served on the one end, now Gwejeong is on the other end of that orange line. Quite the big feat there. It was sad to leave so soon from Gyeongsan but I look forward to serving here. 

I think the thing I will miss the most is Brother Kim. He was doing so well. When I was talking with him on Sunday he said he has been doing good with smoking. Trying to keep to the schedule we made even though he got behind he was caught up apparently. Down to 8 a day. He said it is a miracle. He never really thought about smoking he said, it was always just natural. Now he said that he is very conscious of it. That when he smokes, he thinks 'okay how many did I smoke today, how many more can I smoke?' He recognizes this and considers it a miracle. When we met earlier in the week it was so miraculous. It is just a miracle. He said he prays 2 to 3 times a day just about smoking, and acknowledged that he knows he is weak but Heavenly Father has been strengthening him! He knows that Heavenly Father has made him more aware of when he smokes! He said he can see the blessings of the gospel in his life, when he didn't have it and now when he does. He thinks that if he was raised in the gospel that he could have become the prophet....I kind of just nicely laugh that one off because I don't really know how to answer that. He is sooooooo great! I will miss him and he was really sad that I was leaving! I also gave him this past week a list of 31 good scriptures that he can read...kind of a read one a day thing and think about it throughout the day so he can receive the strength of the Book of Mormon to help overcome his addiction. He is super great!!!

Yesterday our branch had 2 baptisms. Both sisters, one maybe 11, the other like 30s. Had the baptism in the neighboring areas church because our church doesn't have a baptismal font. It was really good, the missionaries in our district sang a musical number and I accompanied on the piano. I only messed up a little but it was okay, one of the papers fell off the piano so I elbowed whoever was behind me hoping they would understand that what I needed, they got the idea and picked the paper up for me. The service was really good though 2 really great sisters!

Not really much else happened this week really so that's about it. I look forward to serving in my new area!

Have a good one!

Elder Frampton

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