Monday, December 29, 2014


So my computer is realllllly slow today so it will probably be a really short email before it stops again......

So I am staying in my area with Elder Peck for his last transfer.

This week we met with a guy on Friday and Saturday. College guy that I might have mentioned about a few weeks back. Well we are meeting for the English Program...he has no interest at all about the gospel really. He seems to listen well but is not willing to keep the commitments that we give to him..Like Friday we invited him to read the intro of the Book of Mormon, and he immediately responded no. Same with the next day and prayer. We know he listens because we asked him what we talked about on Friday when we met Saturday and he told us everything. At least he is listening. We asked why he didn't want to do what we invited him to do and he just said he doesn't want to. At least he is honest. Usually Koreans are very not direct like that so we at least appreciate his honesty and upfrontness...He also said he wants to become a machine...just sleep and study. He likes study for school and English. He wants to cut his sleep time from 7 hours to 5 hours. Only likes the very basic Korean food. Kimchi, rice, soy sauce. We hope as we invite him and teach him he will feel the spirit testify to him that God lives and what we teach is true. I know that if we do what we are supposed to and rely on the spirit, then we will see miracles.

On Saturday we went with the family that attends our English Class. They took us and the sisters to dinner and then down by the beach and we saw a big colorful fountain. It was a great experience to be with them. We are hoping that they will become investigators soon.

Today we got a flu shot when we went to our transfer meeting. It is the first year apparently that the church is paying for all missionaries to get a flu shot. Didn't hurt! Ha

Elder Frampton
That is it week! Have a good one!

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