Monday, September 23, 2013


Well you are probably wondering why I am writing this email so late today....well probably not because you always get it in the morning and the next 2 days will be pretty hectic. 

So Elder Yun has his military reserve exercise thingy; he had it today and the next 2 days. Today I stayed with a member that just got back from his mission 2 months ago, I chilled in his house all day with him and his parents. I made a cover for my planner; it’s pretty cool, its Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I also drew a little, slept a little. That was about 6 hours of my day. Then me and the recently returned missionary (brother "Lee") went to a Korean market, this is like the traditional Korean thing. Not like the lotte mart or emart that they have here (like Wal-Mart things). This market is open every 5 days, and Elder Yun said I was lucky to go because it’s like never open on Pday! Well this market was awesome! It was huge!!!!! There were lots of different things being sold. Lots of fruit, vegetables, animals, clothes, trinkets, gardening stuff, etc.. I have some pictures if I have time I will attach. Otherwise it’ll have to wait till next week. I mainly took picture of the cute animals that they sold there....ha-ha. 

We have to go to Seogwipo tonight because I will be doing missionary work with the elders there for the next 2 days while Elder Yun goes to his military thing. It should be fun, different but fun. Apparently they’re doing service tomorrow in one of the members orange orchard.
So this past week went by really fast. We had like 5 dinners/lunch with members this past week which was awesome. The members are getting better at feeding us;) we just need them to do missionary work now...actually one young family (the brother born in Korea raised in America and now living in Korea with his Korean wife, he speaks like only English and very broken Korean) they gave us a referral and we were able to contact that referral and meet with him! We think he might be a new investigator! He seemed interested in what we have to teach. We also met with another guy that Elder Yun met last transfer before I came. He’s like 80 years old and is a North Korean that was put in a war prison during the Korean war or something and has been in South Korea ever since. Well when we met with him we brought book of Mormons in English and Japanese because he can speak English and Japanese (we didn’t give him a Korean one because he can read Japanese just fine....he said he didn’t want it..ha-ha) but he seemed very interested in it, and was pretty accepting to it being another testament of Jesus Christ! We will meet with him again later this week so hopefully the Spirit can really work on his heart.
I didn’t have time to grab my journal before coming here from the member’s house so I don’t remember much from the rest of my week. One thing happened yesterday that I do remember. We were eating dinner at the branch president’s house and.......he let me play his trumpet!!!!!!!! It's been 3 months since I have played, and that was terrible. I sounded so bad. ha-ha but he was really impressed. He let me take the trumpet with me so I could bring it to the church and leave it at the church so if I wanted I could play on Pdays. That’s exciting!
Korean is getting better little by little, I understand a tiny bit more every day. I'm trying to talk more and more every day and I actually like talking. It's still hard to talk to other people because I don’t have much conversation skills and vocabulary and because I don’t understand. But its soo fun! I can’t wait till I can speak and understand better! It’s amazing how far I’ve come in the past 3 months, and I know that if it weren’t for the Lord, I would still be pretty much nowhere. I owe it all to Him. Always turn to the Lord and he will provide.
Sorry it’s so short this week; don’t have too much fun without me ;) 

Elder Frampton