Monday, December 29, 2014


Not too much happened this week but enough for me to write about.

I ate pomegranate fruit for the first time ever yesterday!  I have had juice before but never the fruit, super sour but very delicious.

Last Sunday the Branch President invited us over for a meal on Tuesday...we went on Tuesday and called him and he forgot...he was out with his wife somewhere but he said they were coming we were walking around in the cold for a while waiting. Elder Peck had to go to the bathroom and we ended up going to a police station...I was sitting awkwardly in a small little police station while he went to the bathroom One guy talked to me though and said he knew  Mormons so I got to talk a little bit about us as missionaries and the church. Couldn't really say much though. Then cops started to sit down on the couches I was sitting on and right there and then they had like a 1 minute long brief/meeting....superrr awkward! Also this lady cop was just like polishing her gun. There were like 10 people in that small little place....interesting experience.

Saturday we got to help our member move! They literally live like 3 minute walk away from their previous place. In Korea when you move you just hire moving people and they do like everything. Since people usually don't live in big places they don't have lots of stuff like people in America. So the moving people come, throw everything into boxes, move all the furniture, and then unload at the new house. Took 4.5 hours for them to pack, move, and unpack. We just helped with moving boxes and some furniture. The hardest part was moving their piano. Their new house was up a flight of stairs so it was super hard to get it up there. Luckily nothing was broken. It was good that we could help though, a lot faster and our member was grateful!

After that we went to the church because we had activity that night and we had to prepare. The activity went okay, at first we had an open house thing for nonmembers...but none came so we went out with the members and proselyted. It was a good thing for the members to experience I think. 2 members got this guy to come and the sister missionaries did a little introduction to the church and then he left. It was good that he came through for just that. After we had a fun activity/dinner. Well the branch president put together a 'skit' that was us just 'acting.' It was odd, it was a wedding skit and we were in the dark and we just talked and made our own echoes by starting loud then going quiet. Kind of funny. Then after we did a relay race. Dinner was spaghetti and tacos, super delicious! The one sister missionary here from America is a really good cook. We made so much and there were left overs. Plus I ate a lot. Good activity! 2 less actives came so that was good!

That was the week! Have a good one!

Elder Frampton

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