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So the new transfer started today! Nothing changing with me. Me and Elder Shaw are staying together for another one. The last transfer was only 5 weeks because Pres. Gilbert is leaving sometime at the end of the week and Pres. Barrow comes on Friday! So this new transfer will be 7 weeks to make up for the one short this past time. I'm writing so late today because we went to Busan for transfer meeting to see the Gilberts for the last time and the meeting was kind of long and after some waiting we finally got back to our area around 7:20ish. So we are emailing on display computers in the store so if the email stops suddenly it is because they tell us to get off......

So since I just realized   I never told anything about Elder Shaw because I hadn't known anything 5 weeks ago I will tell you some stuff now. He is 19 turning 20 next month, from Burley, Idaho. Went to BYU summer and fall of 2012 and has been out about 5 more months than me. He likes hardcore music. Pretty good at Korean and likes to work hard.

So this past week....a lot happened but nothing super great like the week before. I went on a companion exchange with Elder Barr our district leader and I went to his area. We met some interesting people that day. One of them was a little drunk and when we were walking by he called us over to talk to him because he had a question. He at first asked if there was a difference between God and Jehovah in the old testament....he talked about a lot of stuff and it pretty much ended in him telling Elder Barr to show his (Elder Barr) heart to him (the guy) was super weird and it wasn't making much Elder Barr kind of just stared forward and thought for a few seconds and this guy I guess had enough because he just got up and walked away. Super weird. We met a few other good people but that kind of didn't end too well either. Most people seem to hate religion now (especially Christians) because of the boat accident. I don't know how much you know now about it but the captain and company manager ran away right? And something about one of their religions preacher and that belief being the whole reason they like did what they did. Well because of that lots of people think that our religion is just like that and don't want anything to do with it. Also we hear a lot about us being a's is kind of annoying because it just makes people not really listen to us when we talk. In a way they are hardening their heart but we still have the faith the when we talk to the people that their heart will have the even slightest softness to feeling the spirit.

  We went and did 'construction' again this week. It was just actually just cleaning up stones and stuff and sweeping because they had just pored the cement a few days before and they have to wait for the cement to completely cure before they can do more building. Well it went well, our investigator is much more open to coming to church now. He says that for sure when he isn't working he will try and come out. He also says that he will bring his friend that we met that day with him. He says that his friend drinks a lot and puts drinking over his family so he thinks that we can help him through church and stuff, hopefully that works out!

I didn't get to meet our old investigator this week because of the exchange and because when they met him his wife told us to stop coming. We are just giving him a little time but we did take a message card by his house really quick on Friday. So keep him in your prayers please.

Well anyways that is it for this week actually! Read the Book of Mormon! It will bring a special spirit into your life that nothing else can! Act upon the things your read! I love you all! Look for people to serve this week, go out of your way to serve them!

Elder Frampton

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