Sunday, August 17, 2014


Hello everyone,

So this week was a little more eventful than last week. On Wednesday we went to another area in our district, Jinju, for our district meeting. Afterwards the bishop there took us to where he works at a college and just showed us a bunch of his fancy machines including a 3D printer. We didn't get to see it work but it was super cool and he gave us this little trinket as a souvenir that the 3D printer made. After that we started exchanges, and I was with one of the Jinju Elders in Jinju and the district leader went with Elder Brown to my area. The person I was with wasn't very good with directions and we got a little lost while walking around that day....but it was still a good experience.

On Friday we did home teaching. We went to the couple's house with our home teaching companion and she has made us delicious lasagna with homemade ricotta cheese, tofu, and cucumber. It was super delicious!

Yesterday was an interesting day as well. We held normal sacrament meeting as well as a smaller one later. 
There is one lady in the branch that cannot attend church normally because she has to work because she lost her husband a few years back and has to support her and her family. The branch president said for her to come to church, but she said she couldn't until 3....He asked us to prepare and give her the sacrament, so we waited around and us the sister missionaries, and her had a mini sacrament. I think she expected someone else to be there, but we just think it was miscommunication between her and the branch president. It was a good experience and she seemed very grateful for the experience.  I got to play the piano 3 different hymns and give a short testimony and one of the sisters gave her testimony. Even though it was a small meeting with only 5 people, I really felt the spirit's presence.

That's it for this week!

Elder Frampton

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