Sunday, August 17, 2014



So this week best news is that the sister that got baptized last week received the gift of the Holy Ghost! Branch president delivered a wonderful blessing.

So the craziest part of the week was Friday, it rained super hard. Actually the hardest rain I have seen so far in Korea! We were in the middle of a lesson that wasn't going super well just because the guy just wasn't interested, and rain just started pouring and got harder and harder. When we left, luckily I had an umbrella, and we walked home to get some things and figure out a change in schedule. The rain was so hard that as I walked the bottom half of my body got soaked after a little. Later after the leaving the house after getting some clothes to do service that didn't actually happen because of rain, it was still raining and my pants and legs were soaked and I was to the point that I didn't even avoid puddles because avoiding them or going straight through them made no difference. Yea so no one was on the streets really for those few hours.

Another thing that as super weird this week was that these young kids were talking to us on the street, they were 10. In Korea you kind of address people with titles according to your age and they called me as if I was a middle aged was super weird because I am not that old, but I guess to them I am old. It made me feel super old.

So there is a man in my branch that his family lives in the US in Virginia and I was just talking him and of course found out that  the temple he went to is the DC temple and I actually found out that his daughter who is my age is going to college and U Penn. Pretty interesting.

So a scripture I found in my studies this week is Matthew 5:45. Super good scripture. Just simply put, we have the potential to become as God because of the things we experience in this life. Just read that and think about it!

Have a good week!

Elder Frampton

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