Sunday, August 17, 2014


5-12-14 was Mother's Day and we got to talk to Elder Frampton on the phone Saturday night.

Okay hello!

It was an exciting last week of the transfer! First things first, Elder Brown transferred and my new companion is Elder Shaw. I don't know anything really about him yet other than he is from Idaho. He has been out a year and like 4 or 5 months.

So Saturday morning.....interesting time. I started studying at 8:00 and when I got up to go to the bathroom I realized I had trouble opening my eyes. Next thing I know my eye lids are super swollen and I can barely open my eyes! I called Sister Gilbert in order to ask what I should do and since I had no Benadryl (she thought it might be and allergic reaction) she told me to go to the hospital. So I went to the hospital and pretty much the doctor said I was fine and that if it were to get worse my face would swell up and then it would be more he just gave me a prescription for some allergy medicine stuff for 2 days and he said it would make me tired. Interesting experience...The swelling went away around 1ish.

Also Saturday we had a branch activity! We, the missionaries, planned it all and we did an activity with a bunch of mini games and cakes. Pretty much you could win things to put on top of the cake by winning mini games. We bought the cake bases and made some cream icing to put on top, we forgot to put sugar in the cream when we whipped it so it wasn't very sweet so we went out and bought some that was already made and then put it over the other unsweetened cream. Mini games we did were chopstick-m&m race, telephone charades, something called Korean dodgeball, a food feeling game, a card flipping game, and a balloon popping game. It was super intense. About 6 members showed up and then we were able to get out one kid from our basketball activity and then 5 of his friends! They had a really good time

Yesterday at church one of our investigators came out! It was pretty much to see Elder Brown give a talk in sacrament meeting, but it was a really good experience he said. He is a 30 old teacher and the basketball activity we go to is with him and his students. He came to a branch activity 2 months ago and we had been trying to get him to come out to church again. He really likes the branch because it is like a family. We hope to be able to get him out to church more but he always has other plans on the weekends, but we hope since he has kind of broke the ice now by coming to church once then he will come again. He also does like formally hearing the lessons but maybe now it will be easier to meet him and teach him, maybe not so formally but we hope he will be more open to hear more. Also he had never accepted the Book of Mormon he was offered the two times Elder Brown tried to give it to him, but he finally accepted to take one yesterday. We are praying that he will be able to progress now.

So Wednesday we were on the bus going to district meeting an hour away. When we were five minutes from arriving to the bus terminal the bus totally rear ended a car in front of it! It was raining and I was sleeping but all of a sudden the bus starts jerking to come to a stop and as a result of the motion I wake up...then the next thing I know we just BOOM hit a car! The back of the car was totally smashed and the front of the bus was only a little dented in....dang! Luckily no one was hurt and another bus came 3 minutes later to take us away.

Well that’s it for this week! Have a good week!

Elder Frampton

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