Sunday, August 17, 2014


So this week was a pretty good week!  We got to do construction this week. One of our investigators that owns the "S-oil" gas station is building a car wash area for his gas station. He studied architecture or something like that and is pretty much a construction specialist or something so he hired workers and stuff to build the car wash to get him more business. A little back story, we met him like 3 times before then and agreed to listen to 'religious talk.' Well we went and he wasn't too open and he kept saying that he would come to church. We think it is just because that's what he thinks we want from him...but it's not.

So on Tuesday we set up an appointment with him and when we went on Wednesday he was too busy because of course he was working construction. Understandable. We waited but he hadn't seen us so we started just write a note to leave for him with a scripture on it. Right as we were almost done writing the note he came over. We talked for like 3 minutes but he said he didn't have enough time for us to share our message because he had to get back to work. Since we are always looking for service opportunities we offered to help sometime, and that was when he seemed pretty interested. He asked if we could come the next day on the Thursday and we said sure! Perfect, Elder Shaw and I were thinking that this, helping him with construction, was the way in. On Thursday we went and helped him. He was just setting bars in the foundation in preparation for pouring cement so we just helped him with that. Setting the bars and then tying them together with little wires. It was super hot and really worked up a good sweat! Felt good to serve. Our relationship with him changed from being the awkward annoying missionaries to more friendly missionaries that want to help in any way they can. He really enjoyed our help we think. 

We met this old guy this week. He is 84 years old. He was sitting outside in the refreshing night after eating a delicious meal made by his wife. (That’s what he said he was doing). So it turns out he was in the Korea war and because of guns he shot with he is deaf in his right ear. Well he talked about how freedom is good and Elder Shaw remembered a Book of Mormon verse about freedom and giving thanks to God so we shared it with him. Elder Shaw asked if it was alright to pray with him, so Elder Shaw prayed.....the funny thing was that the guy starting just repeating everything he was saying. Once addressing heavenly father and the guy repeated it, Elder Shaw was a little shocked and wasn't sure what to do, but he kept going. He then went on to say that we are thankful we could meet with 'brother Jun" and then he repeated that...he was thankful to meet with himself I guess. 

Well anyways we have met him 2 more times since then and he has become our investigator! He is Buddhist but not a big one and we are just teaching about God and prayer. Since he is deaf in one ear we have to sit on his good ear's side so he can hear. He is super old so he tells us the same stories a lot. Like he tells us about how he built wooden boats as a job back in the day, he has 5 kids, how bullets blow of chunks of your body even though the bullet is small, he is the only one of his grandpa, dad and him that came to where he is living now, etc. Pretty much we understand more and more of different stories because we keep hearing them over and over. Otherwise we don't understand the first time because his Korean is suuppper hard to understand, and plus it is kind of random stuff that we don't know very well anyways. Friday we met him and gave him a message card that we made about being children of God and taught him how to pray. Yesterday we met him and took him some bananas and ate them together. We followed up on prayer and found out he hadn't. He was like "I'm old and forgot!!...." haha He is super great, he prayed for us at the end before we left. Hopefully little by little he will remember more and will come to know God more and more. I can't even explain all the goes on with him because it is so much and pretty crazy! But that's the gist of it. 

That's what I have for this week. Have a good week!  

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