Sunday, August 17, 2014


Hello Everybody!
This week was another long but quick week.

This week not too much happened...We started the week by farming on Tuesday. We were pulling up garlic and gathering it into groups of 25 and then tying them together. I liked the smell that was there when we were pulling it up. I kind of wondered what fresh garlic taste like so I tried just a little tiny bite and it didn't turn out too good. It was sooooo strong, the taste got stuck in my mouth for a few hours. Afterwards we had our missionary coordination meeting with our ward mission leader. He is a super good ward mission leader!

This week in attempt to find new people to teach we made big poster boards that said "Free family English program" with our number and website then stood at intersections and held it up and waved and bowed. We got the idea from the political people that are everywhere right now. They all dress in a color and number according to the candidate they represent then they stand on the side of the road and at intersections and wave and bow. A lot of them have boards too. So we got the idea from that and we got a few good contacts that we are trying to set up a meeting with. We will continue to do that in different locations because right now we are really trying to find new investigators.

On Friday we did a little exploring of our area. Parts we haven't gone before. What we found was a big area of houses and a big fish market right next to the port! We walked around the market looking at fish that they were selling (super gross) and saying hello to all the little stand's owners. As we walked around we had a few people ask who we were and we'd tell them about us and they wouldn't really have much interest after that, but it was a good experience. There was one in particular that was pretty funny. We were walking by one lady and she asked us "student?" and we stopped and turned back and told her "no we are missionaries!" and then a lady that was standing at her little stand looking at fish then asked us "are you gospeling to her?" haha

She was an English teacher so she knew English...she then went on by asking us if we were "gospeling" as students for a grade in a college class. We explained to her who we are and that we teach English, but she didn't live in our area so there was much we could say after that.

Saturday we had English class and one new person showed up! He actually had attended in a different area before and so he decided to come to ours.

After that we had an appointment to play basketball with a student that we met while doing the street board thing. He didn't have any English interest at the time but he did want to play basketball. (Kind of funny because Elder Shaw and I aren't too great at basketball) So we played for 30ish minutes with him and then we ended up teaching him the whole restoration lesson! It was not according to our plans at all. We had planned to teach just about God and prophets and how they can help us then we were going to share strength of youth but we were teaching and it kind of went the direction of the whole restoration lesson. We talked about Joseph Smith and a little of the Book of Mormon and how there was a prophet on the earth today. It was definitely the spirit guiding us because it just felt so natural as we taught. The boy even asked some pretty good questions and seemed pretty interested and willing to meet with us again. We committed him to pray about our message. Hopefully he will meet us again. His parents don't have a religion so they probably won't tell him not to meet with us. That is one really good experience this week!

After that we had another appointment with another kid and we ate dinner at McDonalds with him...We were planning to talk about God being our father and then about prophets and how they help us in our life. We wanted to talk about for the strength of youth with him too...We did and gave him the little booklet but one problem. He had a friend that worked at McDonalds and right before we were going to share a message he came and got him to go somewhere with him for like 8 minutes and when the kid we were meeting came back he smelled bad of smoke. We think he went with his friend and smoked a cigarette or something then came back. Super sad, we tried our best to bring the Spirit to what we were teaching and hopefully he felt something:/

Yesterday when we were proselyting around, everywhere we went it smelled like smoke and there was smoke everywhere! Either because of lots of smoking or the farmers are burning their fields. We went home smelling like smoke!

Well that's it for this week!


Elder Frampton

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