Sunday, August 17, 2014


So I am trying to think about what happened this week....

So we went to a market to follow up with a potential investigator on Tuesday and we didn't get to talk to him because this other guy had stopped us. This guy was super weird. He was a little intoxicated and he didn't communicate very well. He was using a little bit of English, Spanish, and Korean, but only little phrases. I don't think he said a full sentence the whole 20 minutes we were talking to him. He would say his phrase and we wouldn't really understand so he would just sigh/moan in frustration....He understood that we were missionaries and before we left he said he wanted to buy us dinner as service to us...We didn't have time that night, but we got his number and set up an appointment with him to meet the next day. Wednesday night when we called to find out where we were meeting, he said some restaurant name and told us to ask around...nobody knew, so he told us to ask about another restaurant that people helped us find. From then he was just standing in the street but was wayyyyyyy down the street outside the other restaurant that was a little hole in the wall place. Probably the most hole in the wall place I have ever eaten. Anyways he was a lot more understandable this time, and we were able to talk about our purpose as missionaries and about Christ and a little about how knowing him has helped our lives and our family. He seemed pretty interested and is willing to learn more! But we haven't been able to get another appointment with him yet, but every time we call he seems super nice and willing to try and meet. He is quite weird but really nice.

So one of the things that I did a lot this week was show people my family picture. The one from Mike's wedding that is just mom, dad, Mike, Anna, Brian. Well anyways one person said dad looked like a movie star, other times they just said he was very good looking. People said mom was super good looking and that I have very beautiful parents. Everyone always said Anna was gorgeous. Some people thought I was Mike, apparently we look alike. Other people said that I was a combination of Mike and Brian. Family pictures really help in Korea! haha I was able to easily talk about missionary work with other people, especially when they realized that I was not in the picture. I just thought it was funny that someone called Dad a movie star.
So while walking on the street one day we passed by two grandmas that are usually sitting outside and that day they called us over and gave us somewhat warm milk....Elder Shaw didn't want to drink the milk but they made him. haha. One lady kept saying nonstop that we were 'pretty', she just kept saying it over and over and over and over and over. It was pretty crazy. We were just like sitting in front of these ladies houses on the ground eating apples and drinking milk with two super old ladies. One believed in Jesus and let us read a bible verse and pray with her but the other one just said she doesn't pray and kind of walked away so we could pray....yea she came back before we got to pray so she was there during it but she just stood there. Super weird experience. Oh they were drinking milk+alcohol, but they gave us just milk.  

So we have a few potential investigators but when we try to meet them they usually are too busy, or we make an appointment and then something comes up on their end and they cancel:( That is okay, we will be able to meet with someone eventually!

Well that's it for this week! Have a good one!
Elder Frampton

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