Sunday, August 17, 2014


So best part of the week was yesterday and the baptism! 18 year old (Korean age) girl that was a referral from the branch president. We had to go to the other areas church in Jinju because we don't have a baptismal font. We ended church then all rode up there and had the baptism! It was super great. The missionaries (2 sisters and us) sang "When I am baptized" for her during the service and the spirit was super strong! She had started to cry while we sang and it was just such a great moment and I could really feel the Savior's love. Elder Shaw baptized her and so he didn't have to do it more than once he really put her under the water a lot. She bore her testimony at the end and it was super nice, you can really see the change and happiness that the gospel brings in her. :DD

We had interviews with President Barrow this week. The meeting was very different than how we did before. The APs just prepared a "watch video clip, think, and share your thoughts" type of meeting while president was interviewing. I found that President Barrow is very straight forward and to the point.

We also had a branch picnic this week! It was on Saturday and it seemed like we just went to a park grounds or something for it. We had a lunch and just played some sports as a branch. We played kickball as a branch. I found out that Koreans call kickball "foot baseball." They also brought volleyball and we were hitting it around for a few minutes then one person caught it and was holding it and then randomly it popped. Super weird.

So pretty much July 3-July 9 it rained everyday...we then heard that a typhoon was supposed to come, and when it was supposed to come, it didn't rain and it was really nice today. Turns out the typhoon apparently turned before getting to Korean and Japan got most of it?

Another thing this week was that we got new pamphlets for proselyting. One is "Who is God?" and one is "What to expect" but the Korean to English translation for that one is actually "the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saint missionaries" they gave each of us one of each and told us not to give them out to people. We are supposed to just read through them and see what we like and don't like and think about how they could improve them. Kind of like a prototype I guess. I think they could really help in introduce who we are and our purpose. Should be really different.

Well that is it for this week. Have a good week!

Love Elder Frampton

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