Sunday, August 17, 2014



This week was pretty interesting. Lots of things happened.

Tuesday we met our new mission president. He seems pretty good, just talked for like 20ish minutes and we also heard from his wife and son. He is very different from president Gilbert, more quiet, strong testimony and knowledge of the scriptures and seems like he is ready to lead this mission to do great.

Thursday was an interesting day. We went to Namhae again but since we were going from our home we first took and inner city bus for 40 minutes then we had to hitch-hike to the town square/city place. The hitch-hiking took 2 people to get where we were going. We actually got to teach about the Book of Mormon and stuff with the first guy that picked us up. We got in the car and he was like 'what is the difference between Christians and Mormons?' good ride, next person just did some small talk with them. Fun experience. In Namhae we went and visited less actives with our branch president. One was an old guy that couldn't really hear very well and pretty much couldn't speak, he would just mumble too hard to understand because it wasn't really actually words. Sometimes branch president knew what he was saying and sometimes he just put words in his mouth pretty much. Branch president also took us to this nice restaurant out in the middle of nowhere next to the coast, pretty cool, delicious.

Brother Choi took us to dinner on Thursday. He took us to a really good meat place and pretty much spent 100 dollars on us. We had two different types of meat in two rounds. After this first round I was already full, after that I was just so full it was super enjoyable anymore, oh; and then after the second round he bought some of the first meat again, just a little, so we could eat it with cold noodles...but was already so full I couldn't really eat any of it. It was all super delicious though. Bad thing is he got a little drunk...Then he was supposed to come to church and he was going to come a little late because he had a shipment that was supposed to come at 930 but it came super late so he ended up not coming:/

Another drunk person story. We were talking to this old guy that still knew some English and after talking to him for a little he wanted to shake my hand and he kind of pulled me in closer to talk to me and then a few moments later he ended up kissing my cheek. He kind of just put his lips on my cheek and didn't kiss, but pretty much I consider it a kiss....super weird.

Best news this week is that the girl with the baptism date is supposed to be baptized this coming Sunday 13th and the sisters taught her everything that was left to teach yesterday. And the only problem that was left was getting permission from her parents and Branch president had gone and was able to get verbal permission so she just has her interview on Wednesday and then she will be getting baptized! From what the sisters told us about the lesson yesterday, she really wants to be baptized but it’s hard that her family doesn't really support her much. Like the gospel is making a big change in her life, so many blessings she is seeing, but the fact that she can’t be partaking of them with her family makes her pretty sad. She is so great!

That's it for this week!
Elder Frampton

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