Sunday, August 17, 2014



This week felt like a pretty long week. Nothing super exciting happened this week but I have a few things to share.

This week when we went farming, we got to pick little flowers off of the persimmon trees. So the persimmons growing as buds won't survive later if there is more than one or two buds on one little branch so we pretty much just stood under trees for two hours just killing little buds and throwing them on the ground! I kind of felt like the servants in Jacob 5, just with little persimmon buds.....haha

So last transfer, when we were doing a proselyting activity for English class, Elder Lamb (who went home), talked to this one guy that knew about the church and the Book of Mormon and took a Book of Mormon. Well Elder Lamb got his contact info, whether the guy wrote it down, or just spoke it and Elder Lamb wrote it down I don't know. Anyways this week we tried to find his house/call the number but all of it was wrong I think....we thought the number (which was only 5 numbers compared to the usual 8) was like an old number that we would be able to call, but it wasn't. Then we went to find the apartment in an area that he said it was located, and it wasn't. So it was like a treasure hunt that led to a dead end!

We also set up an appointment with our potential investigator and met him...Pretty much it was really awkward because he was like "I know why you are here...." We just shared about the Book of Mormon and bore our testimony. He said he would come to church once to check it out....Pretty much I think he isn't really wanting a change in religion and just will come to church because I think he thinks that is all we want....But if he comes to church that is good even if it is just to fulfill what he thinks our desires are. It will give the Spirit an opportunity to touch his heart and that is what we really need for anything else to happen.

We also met one kid that we had met on the streets again and this time he said he wanted to bring his friend. (He really likes English so we just talk to him in English) He likes us and his friend lived in America for a year as an exchange student so he invited him to join us in our English discussions. Up to that meeting we didn't quite know how to approach him with the gospel, but that night, as we planned, we decided to tell him our purpose as missionaries and ask if it was alright to start sharing messages every time we meet and they were both very accepting to the idea! It was a lot easier than we expected it to be because he brought his friend and that kind of lightened the mood.

Some potential going into this transfer so we hope things will work out!
That's it for this week!
Elder Frampton

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