Sunday, August 17, 2014



This week was quite the fast week. Not super a lot happened this week.

Lately we have been going to dinner with a recent convert less active named Mu Hyon. Ever since the church moved locations he doesn't come to church, but he comes to English class every week because his dad gives him a ride. He is 16 and every week on Tuesday lately we have been meeting after school is done and taking him to a burger place buying a chicken burger and just sharing a message. He is pretty stubborn sometimes but the exciting thing this week was that he really wanted to sleep but he was willing to come out with us even though he was tired. Woo

Wednesday was Election Day for like city representatives and the person that had their headquarters right next to our church (same building floor) lost, so they are slowly moving out little by little. Now our town is a little less exciting without all the political campaigning going on.

This Wednesday was Zone Conference. Sister Gilbert and President Gilbert gave their last training sessions. It was a lot of fun and a real spiritual boost because they pretty much just taught straight out of the scriptures and also things they learned from President Cook at the last meeting thing they had with him.

Our one kid that we taught last week ended up having another plan suddenly so he couldn't meet...we really hope to meet him again.

Lately we just have had no luck with talking to people. We talk to a lot of people but not really anyone that has any interest in what we say or meeting again to just talk more. They love just talking about normal things and then when we bring up religion in any way shape or form they kind of just become uninterested! Darn anyways the joy of this gospel and the spirit that I feel still keeps me going with my head held high!

I love this work and I love the people!
Sorry not much this week:/

Miss you all

Love Elder Frampton

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