Monday, April 28, 2014


Hello family!

This week was a pretty average week. It is test time for all schools right now so no one can meet us and no one is out on the basketball courts to try and play with!

Tuesday we had our last interviews with President Gilbert ever! Darn! Since they go home in like 7ish weeks! Well we had to travel an hour and a half to get to the area that we were doing them in and we left at 6:40 pm. That day for lunch we had McDonalds.......but the good thing is that McDonalds taste a lot better here in Korea than in the US. We had a lesson that night planned with the one guy and the sisters had one with the Filipina wife but he canceled on us like an hour before! (He also canceled our appointment Friday too just 2 hours before that one). He did make an appointment for Thursday so we got to see him then...

Thursday we were just walking around looking for people to talk to and we met this one guy that was playing basketball. He is in his 30s really likes basketball and wants to learn from Elder Brown. He says he doesn't care for religion really but it seems he has thought a lot about it and he knows an awful lot about our church. We aren't convinced that he doesn't like religion but we will see. We met him on Saturday for a little during our basketball activity and then he took us to lunch. We were able to pray with him. He was like 'oh you pray like Christians pray' and we were like yea! He was totally fine with it so I think he will be fine with us sharing messages with him when we play.

It rained yesterday from like 3pm until now and hasn't fun right? It is supposed to rain more of this week I heard so that won't be fun!

On Sunday when Elder Brown was blessing the water during sacrament meeting a spider crawled over his hand and he was able to keep his cool...super funny!

That’s really it for this week


Elder Frampton

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