Tuesday, September 30, 2014



So this week was pretty quick since it was the first week in my new area. A little stressful actually. Just super busy but at the same time not really. 

So we have 2 progressing investigators right now. Both around 60 years old. 

The one is gospel interest and not an English program but he really likes English so he ends up asking many questions so it is pretty much an English program. He comes to church and super loves our church. He says it feels like a family here and he says he will get baptized....sometime. We tried to commit him to a date but he didn't really give a yes or no, kind of just said that he would..sometime. Yesterday at church he said that he wish he could have been in the church since he was a kid just because he thinks it is so good! He likes the classes and the doctrine and everything. He even took notes in church. He really likes learning. I am not sure if he is necessarily feeling the spirit or just the idea of the church and it's structure, but the fact that he likes it so much makes me think that it is all the spirit. 

The other investigator we do an English program with. He is super nice and really just wants to find faith really. He kind of believes in God and Jesus Christ but is really wanting to know. He came to church the day before I came but didn't come this week for some reason. We will find out next time we meet. We meet him 2 times a week for the program and then he comes to English class 2 times a week as well.

On Friday, it was Korean Independence day so the branch had a branch activity. We went somewhere about an hour away and had like a picnic thing next to a little river. All the kids and some adults went in the little river, played with water guns, threw buckets of water at people (the water in the bucket, not the bucket itself). Good way to start the transfer getting to know the members. There are lots of kids in the branch so it is pretty fun to be with them too.

The weather here was supposed to be hotter than everywhere else but it was very cool this week. Didn't even really sweat while I was outside. Plus it rained like 3 days so far out of my week that I have been here so that was great.

The apartment is about the same size as my last one but it is a nicer layout. I have a good yo this time. There is one bed but it is my companions. I sleep on like 5 yo's though. It is great. I finally get comfortable sleep.

That is it for this week!
Elder Frampton

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