Monday, May 25, 2015


This week was good!

The one investigator that we have that is doing the English Program read the Book of Mormon assignment we gave him! He said he didn't have interest when we first started to meet but as we were talking during English time he started to talk about the Book of Mormon part he read! We got to talk about the Book of Mormon a little bit more and a little of the restoration. He seemed to be listening and we assigned him a chapter to read and he said he would read it! I think that the spirit is slowly opening his heart to the message of the gospel!

We were proselyting during some extra time we had and we walked past a phone store and said hello to the man standing outside. He said hello back so we struck up a conversation. Before it could go too far he invited us into his phone shop! We talked for a good 15 20 minutes. We got to talk about the Book of Mormon and he seemed a little interested. He said that he gets bored in his shop so he told us to stop by a lot so we can talk! True miracle!

We got a few opportunities to do service this week! We helped a member move a different member's treadmill to even a different member's house. The member who used to own the treadmill is moving so yesterday we went and helped clean the apartment he will be moving into. On Saturday we got to help clean the church a little!

No one came to English class because of the long holiday weekend (Children's day). But one of the young men in our ward brought his one friend to the church and we got to play some basketball with him and be his friend. He is not quite ready to be an investigator yet but maybe in a few weeks or something. It was good to see the young man doing missionary work. The young men here are really impressive sometimes. Every fast Sunday a few of them always get up and bear their testimony about something.

The one investigator that hasn't responded to our calls or texts still hasn't. But we saw him this morning on our way back home from exercising. I just don't think he really has interest in church as he said he did. We will see...

Well that was our week! Hope you have a good one!


Elder Frampton

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