Monday, May 25, 2015


Hello, family!

This week was pretty good. Made some cookies for a member’s birthday and dropped them outside their door. At nice apartment buildings there are locked keypad doors to get into the apartment. Since we wanted to leave the cookies secretly we asked the security guy to open the door....he said go to the door and call him on the intercom. We did that and waited, and waited for about 2 minutes...we were watching the door for it to open but we never saw it move. (It was a sliding door) so the security guy probably saw us and came over and told us how to call him on the intercom (I don't know why) but then he was like "the door is already open." Well little did we realize that the door was open already when we got there. We got distracted by the fact that we were waiting for movement rather than looking to see the position of the door, which was open...We felt really dumb. Anyhow the member liked our cookies!

We met the one less active again at his English academy. I was on exchanges with another elder and we met with Brother Kim. We had a really good lesson with him. The spirit was super strong as we taught to his needs rather than a lesson. He has lots of questions and challenges to overcome in his life right now. Although he has been less active for 20 years, he surprisingly remembered much of the doctrine! We were just reminding him and as he talked to us I think the spirit helped him solve a lot of his questions and helped him know what is right. We really didn't do much teaching, just listening and giving short words of truth and encouragement. He was unable to come to church this week for general conference sadly but he said that he will come next week.

As we met another less active that just has lots of concerns and doesn't really want to come to church I really didn't know what to say. I didn't know how to react and I was really trying to listen to the spirit for words to say but nothing came. I was confused because I really was expecting to receive words of comfort and help to say to her. What I felt though was just God's love for her. Just an overwhelming sense of peace that God still loves her no matter what the circumstances. I let her know what I was feeling and the surety that I knew it came from God. We prayed and left.

The investigator that came to church last week wouldn't answer our calls and only answered some of our texts. We couldn't meet him. He played baseball with a member this past week which was good but the member told us that the investigator said he was going to Japan....well the investigator texted us during church and said he was in Hiroshima , Japan for business...a little odd and sudden. Hopefully everything works out.

English class on Saturday was great. We had our usuals and because of conference at the church 2 sisters and one young man came to English class! It was great. They had a great time and said they would come again. It was really a much more fun class with them there. 

Conference was good. Learned a lot about the importance scripture study and prayer plays in every aspect of our life. Surprised that President Monson didn't speak as much as he usually does. He must be pretty weak and tired.

Well Hope everyone has a good week!


Elder Frampton

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