Monday, May 25, 2015


Hello, Happy Easters! 

I actually forgot until half way until church when I just read a little note on the bulletin board...It was not mentioned at all during church.

This week was good. I'll start with Sunday. Back story. When we were ending companion exchanges on Friday we walked into the bus terminal and a guy said hello to meet. We talked and talked about church and stuff and I invited him to church. We exchanged numbers and he said he would be there. After confirming on Saturday night if he could come, he showed up Sunday to church. We have sacrament meeting last so we had priesthood and talked a lot about Joseph Smith and even read from Joseph Smith history during the lesson. It was super good, he even took notes. We had gospel doctrines and the lesson was about God. Then sacrament meeting, he fell asleep halfway through but he made it that far which is impressive. Lastly after church there was a baptism. A different branch in another area came to our building for the baptism since they don't have a font. The guy attended that too! It was just a great day since he really likes church and the people and missionaries too. He likes English. Anyhow during church he mentioned a few times about when we met. He said that he was always praying, especially recently, for God to send someone to him. That day when he saw us missionaries, especially because we were foreigners, he couldn't pass up the opportunity. He said that when I turned towards him that my eyes had a bright light radiating from them. It was a big testimony builder to me to know that I could reflect that light of Jesus Christ.

Today we hiked Geumo Mountain. It was very hard and tiring actually. It was easy most of the way until the last part. Last 3rd actually. 2 Km of just awfulness. It was rainy today too and when we got to the top we couldn't see anything but the sight was cool. Just mist everywhere and being up in the clouds was awesome. Took 3 hours up, 1 down.

On Saturday we went fishing and played a game called Jokgu which is just volleyball with your feet. Fishing, no one really caught anything. Oh we went with the men from the ward, not just by ourselves;) Anyhow, one guy caught 8 fish and that was it, no one caught anything else. It was perfect weather, started to rain as we left. I got sunburn. I think we really improved our relationship with the ward this week.

Wednesday we cleaned the carpets in the church and did some garden work around the church.

Some of Wednesday, Thursday, and some of Friday I did companion exchanges with a Korean. I had to speak Korean the whole time. I got a bad headache by the end. I think that is why I never had any other Korean companions after the first 5 transfers. Anyhow, we had 2 opportunities to give priesthood blessings! It was such a blessing to us and especially to my companion. He is in his first transfer so newly ordained to the priesthood as well so he got his first experience giving a blessing this week.

Went and met a less active that owns an English academy. He was very nice and wants to start meeting with us regularly and coming back to church! It seems that he just needs lots of love from us and the ward. Been less active for 20 years but still believes the church to be true! What a miracle. He was supposed to come to church but an urgent thing came up so next week he said he will come!

I am so grateful for all the miracles I have seen this week and all the miracles I will see next week! I love this work and this gospel!

Have a good week!

Love, Elder Frampton

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