Monday, May 25, 2015


Hello familia,

So this week’s news is transfers. My last transfer and guess what? I have a Korean companion!  His name is Elder Lee. Doesn't speak English really so my Korean hopefully will get a lot better this last transfer and hopefully we can get a lot of good work done here. Also hopefully my brain won't explode from only Korean...

So there was the family that was a referral that I had told you about. Well we still aren't meeting them because the husband is still going through treatments and such. Well anyway they live in a faraway place in our area. We ended up going to that area this past week just to have a look around. Well we went and as we were walking, coincidentally we met the wife! She said that today she had just run to town to get pick up some stuff and what a coincidence it was that we met her. I consider that a big miracle because it was a last minute decision to go to that area. 

Oh we had interviews with President this week and they were good. We did district meeting at the same time and tried some new stuff in district meeting that was fun and helpful.

Wednesday we met a guy for the first time. Appointment. I had met him a few weeks ago and he showed English interest. We had invited him to English class but he is busy during that time so we set something up during the week and were able to meet him. We explained our English program to him but he kind of felt a little pressure. He said he wants to do it though. So this week we are going to try and meet him again.

Met one of our members that owns a Taekwondo place and got to talk with her for a little and do a cartwheel with the kids there. 

Went to visit a less active and we gave her a rock with Jesus Christ written on it. She absolutely loved it. I had gotten the idea from the April Liahona and felt we should give that to her. We don't know why she doesn't come to church because she has a huge testimony of the gospel. Since Elder Glover was leaving she invited us to her house for a meal the next day with her, her husband, and her son. We had a very good time with them eating delicious food. We sang a song for them. Elder Glover played his ukulele while I sang and I played my tin whistle as he sang. It was very fun and brought the spirit!

We met with one guy this week. Well he called us last Monday around 5 pm right before pday ended and he said he wanted to meet in 10 minutes. So we ended pday early to meet him. We read the book of Mormon with him because he was reading by himself but couldn't understand so we read and talked about it with him. He says he really wants to be a better person and follow the example of Jesus Christ. Next time I think we might be able to invite him to be baptized!

Sunday we had a fireside at the Stake Center. It was for investigators, recent converts, and less actives. The one guy I just spoke about came when the meeting ended..ate dinner there. He talked to other investigators and members and missionaries in the stake so even though he didn't attend the meeting it was a good opportunity. An English class member came which was good. Also our member that referred someone last transfer and we had only been able to meet him once brought the referral and also his mom. They both thought the meeting was really good and the member says we should contact them often. We probably will be able to teach the both of them later!

This week was great and I hope you have a good one too!

Love, Elder Frampton

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