Monday, May 25, 2015


Hello family!

This week as a verrry slow week. New companion, only Korean, my brain is about to explode. That plus spring allergies is killing me. My eye was swollen last week and then again this week because of the allergies I think. I have been taking medicine but it really hasn't helped much. No big deal though, it is actually not that bad.

So this week we did not meet with the one investigator that we wanted to talk about baptism with. He didn't answer our calls or texts and didn't come Sunday. He didn't go to the church on Friday to play baseball with our members (we went to hopefully meet him but he didn't show). He texted our member saying that he wouldn't go. I don't know why isn't answering us.

We met one of our less actives. Instead of speaking English we spoke in Korean. It was much different. I didn't really talk much 1. I didn't know what to say 2. He pretty much filled my companion in on everything he told me over the past 4 weeks -------He came to church again on Sunday for Sacrament meeting. It was good! We stayed with him and a member and talked for another 2.5 hours. Well I and my companion just listened to our member talk most of the time. The less active pitched in too. 

Met a guy for the 2nd time. English program. He doesn't really have much interest in the gospel right now and he receives pressure if we talk gospel to him so we can't do that very much yet. We did give him a Book of Mormon, shortly introduced, and asked him to read it. We will see. We think that as we meet with him he'll trust us more and be more open to the listening to the gospel.

So our investigator and his mom (who is an investigator too) Came to English class this week! Our member who referred them brought them. We talked with them for a few minutes before and built trust. Apparently they stopped going to their church recently so they can make the transition to ours. They really like English class. That made me feel good since I try to teach well and fun. Anyhow our member says try to meet them at their house to teach the gospel. We will see if that works out this week.

Okay that is it for this week!
Have a good week!
Elder Frampton

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