Monday, April 28, 2014


Hello everyone~! So the big news for the week is that I did end up being transferred! I got transferred to a place called Sa Chon. It is the most west area in the mission and is apparently really country. I just arrived here after riding two buses for a total of 3 hours. I haven't seen much yet but I'll bet there is lots to see. My companion is Elder Brown. He hasn’t been out on his mission only two more months than me and has been in this area for 4 months already, he just finished training here. I don't know much about him yet but I will send some more things next week when I know.  The branch here has around like 15 members apparently. Tomorrow we are going to go help someone farm! Should be fun.

Nothing too exciting happened this past week! I did a lot of walking around.

On Saturday Roger came to our English class and then he took us out to dinner afterwards. Unfortunately during dinner he got a really bad headache so we couldn't teach him a lesson afterwards. Kind of disappointing but that is okay. He really like our English class and said that it was much better than he expected it to be. He said it was much better than the community English class he attends! Woot go missionaries! Haha what was good that we found out though was that he had read the gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet we gave him as well as the plan of salvation one that he hadn't read before. Also he said he was reading from the Book of Mormon, not just that he read it but he is reading from it! I will miss him, I promised to call him from my new area every few days.

English class was really awesome on Saturday especially. We had Roger come and another new girl and 4 Vietnamese people. There were like 10 people in class that day! The one girl and 4 Vietnamese people we had met on Friday while doing a proselyting activity by Busan national university, so it was really cool to see them come. We think the Vietnamese people have potential to become investigators later, they are super nice, they know English pretty well and don't really know Korean.

The weather was super weird this week, it was hot in the beginning of the week then cooled down a lot at the end. Super weird.

Oh another thing was that we had an investigator at church! My last Sunday and it was one of the only times that happened. It was a guy we had met on Tuesday that said he wanted to us to teach him English and he wanted to check out church. So he actually came to church! We went and met him at the subway station and got late to church but luckily just in time for the sacrament. I probably won't really find out how a lot of those things turn out but I'm glad that I was able to leave with things getting moving in Geumjeong.

That's it for this week! Love, Elder Frampton

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