Monday, April 28, 2014



These weeks are flying by super fast! Holy cow! This week we had another few miracles that will hopefully lead to something more later this week!

First Roger. 

On Tuesday when I was going to the bathroom in the subway station Elder Sperle met a man named Roger. He is Korean and 70 years old and loves English. He is super awesome at it, a grammar master actually. Knows all the little tricks and rules that native speakers have no idea how to explain. Well we met him that night and gave him our number and set up an appointment on the next day, Wednesday, because he wanted to meet. (He has lots of time he says because he is retired. On Wednesday we went to meet him and he showed up 10 minutes late. He told us that he tried to call to tell us he would be late but he typed our number wrong in his phone. Haha. 

Well we went to a coffee shop to talk and it went very well. He had gone to like we suggested and he also read the restoration pamphlet that we gave him! He understood it very well!  As we talked he was very open to the idea of the restoration except for the fact that how
could someone as young as Joseph Smith receive that kind of revelation or vision? That lead perfectly into introducing the Book of Mormon and that he didn't need to believe just our words but he could find out for himself! He said he would read and pray. Hopefully we can meet him again this week, he had said that he would call on Sunday to set something up, but we think he forgot because he didn't call.

Friday was an interesting day. We had 2 appointments that day originally planned and we were supposed to be very busy! But unfortunately both of them cancelled! It was so sad! They
coincidentally both came down with a cold! What are the odds of that?!? Haha no big deal though.

Yesterday we were walking on the street and kind of walked by a bar restaurant place when this guy called us over to him. He apparently had seen and talked to lots of missionaries before when he was in college like 10 years ago. Well he was really drunk and long story short when he asked if we had lots of converts that they originally when we met them they were drunk...we said no but that he would be the first one. When we said that he started doing a funny little dance and singing 'I'm gonna be a Mormon, I'm gonna be a Mormon!' It was all in English too. His friend that was with him hit him over the head. Just a really funny experience.

 Well that is really all for this week actually! Have an awesome week!


Elder Frampton

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