Monday, April 28, 2014



Wow so it was super warm a lot of the days this week. Last Monday we got an email saying that we didn't have to wear suit coats anymore since it was supposed to be hot. It was hot! It starting to feel like summer again which is a little scary because it is deathly humid! Luckily it still is a nice temperature and humidity still and probably will be this way for a month or so I hope. This week it rained for two days and wasn't very fun we got wet a lot.

This week was another good week actually! It was a little sad because our one Chinese investigator leaves on Wednesday for Japan so we saw him for the last time on Friday:( He was slowly moving on the right pathway to receiving an answer to his prayers in order to find God. He is going to give us his address in Japan so we can refer him to Japanese missionaries. He is such a good person with a true desire to know God. Hopefully when he comes back in September I will be able to see him again. Maybe he will even be baptized between now and then! He told us that when he comes to know god he would be willing to be baptized and do whatever it takes to receive true happiness.

So this week we met Roger again and found out his Korean name. Beh Sung Gyun, haha. We were really wondering. When we met he actually took us to dinner and we ate like meat leafs and kimchi at this nice restaurant. It sounds like that wouldn't be a very good meal to you probably but that is a super good meal to us here in Korea;) We then went to a coffee shop afterwards to talk and we were able to teach the whole Plan of Salvation. He said he understood all of it and that he didn't have any questions because he doesn't know very much anyways. He said it’s similar to what he already believed. He hadn't been able to read the Book of Mormon before we met though because he was too busy:( That was a little let down, so we just asked him to read and pray this time too. We will probably meet him once a week. Since he has retired and has nothing to do he actually started volunteering as a person who gives parking tickets for 4 hours a day.

Today we aren't really doing anything special for pday but that is fine with me. We are in a three some today with Elder Wunderli because his companion went up to Seoul alone because he has an interview thing that he has to do for military service which he will serve soon after his mission ends in 2 months. This week is transfer calls so next week I think I will most likely be in a different area! Haha I have been in Geumjeong for almost 6 months! It is sad because last week we told we were moving from the apartment we are in to a bigger one closer to the church, darn! Haha the sisters have to move too so they are actually going to move into the apartment we are in after we move.

That’s it for this week!

Elder Frampton

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