Monday, April 28, 2014


Hello Family!

This has been a good week! Right now I am actually talking on the phone with Roger from my last area on the phone so it is hard to type! Haha I’ve been keeping in contact with him about once a week. 

Okay just finished talking with him so it is easier to type now. Last week P-day was fun, we went and hiked the small mountain and we could see so far, Sacheon is actually right next to the ocean so we could see the ocean at the top! When we went down the other side we went to this cafe and Elder Lamb is friends with the owner so we got a bunch of free was crazy! Super delicious though!

Also that night we met with a guy for the first time that wants to learn English and is very open to the gospel it seems. He says he likes the bible and it has good words and that he will study and do whatever homework we ask him to do so we are excited to teach him again. He said he can meet two times a week. He is in the air force and on Wednesday we were supposed to meet him again but we received a text talking about the ship accident and that he was not allowed to leave the airbase because of it so we couldn’t meet.....actually at the time we received the text we didn't know about the ship accident so we had no idea what his text actually meant because without knowing about the accident, the text out of context made it seem like he was saying that he was 'submersed in time' or something, which we took to understand that he was just busy with military work stuff. Super confusing. We hope to meet him this week but it will all depend if he is able to leave the base and when the whole accident situation gets completely resolved and such. (Note: the Korean ferry sank killing more than 200 students)

So before I came Elder Brown was teaching this guy English and the gospel and I met with him once the first week I was here and he actually ended our meeting because his wife from the Philippines came to Korea on the Saturday before. So when I met him for the first time I also met his wife. She doesn't speak Korean so he was learning English with us so he could communicate with her. So now we were able to set up something new after discussing it with him and the Sisters are going to meet with the Filipino wife and teach her Korean for 30 minutes and gospel in English for 30 minutes because the husband wants her to learn Korean. Confusing right? Well we will also start teaching him again 30 minutes English and 30 gospel and hopefully the wife will have gospel interest because that is the way that we are going to try to get the husband more interested.

 Yesterday we met with a guy from South Africa. Not to be racist or anything, but to specify, he is white. It was very interesting....he is somewhat of a conspiracy theory person...he actually talked about everything that is anything. He talked 2 and a half hours straight to us....not with us but to/at us! It was crazy how he could just go on and on and on. He is a hard core Christian and we pretty much found out everything we need to know about his beliefs and how we will teach him in the future. We were able to at least give him a restoration pamphlet and asked him to read it and then we will talk about it next time. He could either be really accepting because he seems like someone who would embrace truth but at the same time he seems like someone who could just be pleased with his religion and beliefs and not want to 'change. We will see.

Yesterday night in celebration for Easter we made scones! It was crazy making them, took a lot of work, our dinner time and then at night after we planned. They were messy but super delicious! Haha

That’s it for this week!
Have a good week!


Elder Frampton

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