Monday, April 28, 2014



My new area is awesome! It is super sweet. Not the best for teaching right now because it is hard to find investigators but we are working on that;) The branch is super awesome! It is only like 12 or 13 people but it is like a family. After 2 days of seeing them I already feel a little like a part of the family. It will be a good time here. We spend a lot of time riding buses going to different areas in our area and the shortest one is 30 minutes. It is good napping/studying time because it is super hard to talk to people on those buses. Elder Brown is super sweet, he is from Washington and is super fun and always positive. The house is nice, bigger than that 4 man house in Geumjeong. I actually have my own desk now;)

One of the things we try to do is play basketball in order to meet people. There are nice basketball courts by our house so there are students usually playing there. It is probably the most effective way to finding investigators in this area. It has worked for Elder Brown since he has gotten here. We have a few investigators but none of them can really meet right now because it is the busy test time in school.

We got to watch General Conference this past weekend, we watched it on a computer in the church in English while the rest of the branch watched it in Korean. I loved it! So many awesome talks. I really enjoyed Elder Andersen's talk. It is interesting that so many talks were related yet so different. It really helps us see what is really important to remember and do in these days.

Today we are going to go hike over this little mountain that is in the area that we live. One Elder, Elder Lamb, served in this area a year ago and told us about it and now he is in our district so we are going as a district to hike this little mountain. He says it is super sweet and beautiful.

That's it for this week really

Elder Frampton

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