Tuesday, March 18, 2014



So this week was a little less exciting than the week before. It rained for 2 or 3 days so it was really gloomy outside and not many people wanted to talk..

So last p-day was good, we played sports at the church most of the day for like 3 hours or so. We played catch with a football, soccer, basketball, pingpong, badminton. It was nice to play sports again after not playing for a while. Today we are going to play soccer on the beach again! The last time I did that was my second week serving in this area back in October. The beach is in another area and zone so it takes around 40 minutes to get there by subway. It should be fun because it is an amazing day, it is somewhat hot outside.

So this week also we ended up having a few appointments cancel that we had set up. They were referrals from other areas and people that we had found on the street. They said they were 'busy' and couldn't meet and would be 'busy' for the rest of the week. Usually when that happens that means they don't want to meet so that's too bad! One of the referrals from another area was busy, but we think his excuse was legitimate, so we will try again this week to set up an appointment. 

So we met with our investigator again twice this week. We teach him in English because he doesn't really know Korean anymore. He is slowly progressing, we are continually trying to help him find faith in God and to find that he exists. He has a hard time accepting it because he has such a firm belief in science and just thinks that science explains it all. He kind of thinks that when we attribute good things and feelings to be from God, we are kind of just making excuses and being somewhat weak because we don't want to truly figure it out through science. He is really open though and he is willing to pray. We are constantly helping him know what to pray for and how he will receive an answer. He wants to believe but it is just a little hard, so right now we are just relying on him praying and receiving an answer and recognizing that it is from God. We only have 2 more weeks of meeting him so we really hope we can help him find for himself that God exists and loves him!

On the rainy days we spent a lot of time finding less actives through records and then going and trying to find them at their houses. There are so many and our records are out of date so sometimes I feel hopeless that we will ever find any! The ward has their 'focus' less actives but those are dead ends too or the sister missionaries are working with them already. We will continue to try to find them and invite them to church.

This week after sacrament meeting our 'investigator' came to church. He actually showed up to church randomly at the beginning of December when I was with Elder Moon. Last time he came to church we met with a member and the member and him instantly became friends. I had texted to Brother Lee and invited him to church on Saturday and when he came yesterday I was very happy! I was even more happy when I found out that his member friend had called him and invited out to church in the morning!! Woo! 

We were able to meet during church and teach him a little. He likes to talk to we didn’t teach much. He is very open and wants a church and when we taught him prayer we invited him to pray to close the lesson and he said an awesome prayer! When we asked if he would pray every night, he said something like "for sure! I will pray from here on out everyday!" He is super sweet! 

Now that the weather is starting to be warmer and more like spring I have a feeling my allergies are coming. Lately my eyes have been really dry and itchy so I started taking my allergy pills. I thought I had finally escaped my allergies! Wrong :( oh well, missionary work is getting fun and our area is getting much more exciting. All the missionaries in our area have investigators now and are seeing so many miracles! We are getting super excited. We are sad though because our ward mission leader has to enter his military service now (today actually) so we will be getting a new one :( He was super awesome. We don't know the new one yet so we will most likely find out on Sunday. We still have super awesome ward missionaries though! I also thought that that calling (ward missionary) was so lame, but it is super important and awesome! haha

That's it for this week!

Elder Frampton

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