Sunday, March 16, 2014



I'm super jealous because it's snowing so much at home!!!!!! That is just not fair! It's snowing right now since maybe 6am but it is not cold enough to stick so it's lame!

So this week was an awesome week compared to the past few weeks. First off, we helped the one less activity lady that we are working with move her event shop. Her husband was there and we met him for the first time. We found out that he actually got baptized a few years back and so he is not a nonmember like we thought he was! We were with him the whole time packing and driving and unpacking at the new location for the shop. We were able to form a good relationship with him and he is a super cool guy! They also bought us lunch which was super delicious! It was a meat, kimchi, stew thing that I can't explain, but it was delicious! haha

So another awesome thing/miracle was that English class, both days, Thursday and Saturday, were super awesome/exciting/fun. We had only 4 people at Thursdays and 7 people at Saturdays but it was especially awesome. There was one new person on Thursday and 2 on Saturday (the one came to Thursday). But we had most of our usual people come and they all just loved talking so it was good! We always want them to talk and a lot of the class consisted of them talking! Also on Saturday a member and her daughter came so the Sisters did a beginners children’s class, I don’t know if it went well but maybe that will become a usual thing and more members will come.

Maybe 2 weeks ago we met this 20 year old guy and I was talking to him and he was telling me about the stuff he likes to do and he gave me his business card (with his phone number on it). Well this week I called him (he probably wondered how we had his number, unless he remembered giving the card) and we were able to meet him for lunch! He is awesome, he has gone to America to do a study/training program for someplace in Silicon Valley. He is super good at drawing and photography and animation and stuff, he started go after his dream since he was like 14 or 15. We don't know what will happen from here, but when we met we told him our purpose as missionaries and he didn’t freak out or anything and looked kind of interested, so maybe something will come from it, who knows.

Last of all we met a guy yesterday.....we were walking buy a construction site's parking lot and we heard an instrument. Elder Moon thought it was a saxophone, but I thought for sure it was a trumpet, and it was! This guy was just practicing after work apparently in this parking lot while it was snowing a little. We went over and talked to him and he let me play his trumpet! I was so terrible but he liked it! I also showed him the pictures of marching band in my picture book. It was awesome. He said he'd love to play trumpet with me sometime so I just have to track down a trumpet. I might be able to do something similar to what we do for English which is 30 minutes English/30 gospel, but instead 30 trumpet / 30 gospel. But we would need special permission, I doubt it will happen getting a trumpet and permission but it was a cool experience! I really miss playing the trumpet! 

That’s it for this week!
Elder Frampton

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