Sunday, March 16, 2014


Hello Family,

I have more time this week to write so I am going to try to write a longer email today! 

So before I tell about last last week and this past week I will tell you new news! This past week was transfer call day and today was transfer day and no I didn't get transferred but I did get a new companion! It is my first American companion named Elder Sperle from Colorado! That's really all I know about him right now because I've only been with him for about an hour, but I am super excited to be serving with him in Geumjeong! I think the change of companions will really help us find new people and get things going here in Geumjeong. Well that's my hope. He has been in Korea for a little more than a year and he has pretty good Korean I think so I am excited! I think an American companion is just what I need to get my Korean better and working harder.

So back to 2 Saturdays ago. Our ward held a mini MTC for the youth and the ward and we were able to attend to watch and help a little. About 9 youth attended, which was pretty good. The young single adults in the ward ran the program and it was good to hear the different workshops and activities and to help a little with some of the activities. One really funny part was when they practiced simulating street contacting. They were just really funny. It was great to see the desire to serve missions in some of the youth.     -----Later that day the ward had a 'clean the church/barbecue' activity. We had English during that time but I did get to try clams for the first time! They were okay but they tasted a little funny, I didn't want to eat more than 2.

Not this Sunday but the Sunday before yesterday we went to a members house for a meal and she gave us spaghetti! It was pretty much the most American meal (Italian) meal that a member has ever made for us. Super delicious!

Last p-day we went to an art museum place that one of our members worked at. Actually at the museum there was a limited time LIFE magazine photo gallery (only there for like 4 months) that we went and saw. (I think it was time or life magazine). It had a bunch of photos and captions and stories and even little audio information that you can listen to. Super awesome. 

After that we went to the church and threw a mini birthday party for two missionaries (Elder Wunderli and Sister Oh) because it had been their birthdays either that day or the day before.

This week wasn't too eventful actually, the elder’s quorum had a barbecue and we went during our meal time and ate delicious meat! It was funny to watch a bunch of Koreans try to start a barbecue fire with coals. 

This week I learned how powerful simple testimony can be. Nothing special happened, just through experience and through district meeting the Spirit bore witness to me the power that even the simplest testimonies have. I just felt the spirit say to me 'yes, I will be here and put power to your words even if it is a simple testimony.' Even if it is not much, if you have the opportunity bear testimony simply and the spirit will always put power to your words.
That's it! I hope you all have a good week!


Elder Frampton

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