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So this week was an awesome week!

So much happened this week. Lots of miracles and lots of just events.  

So last Monday, right when we finished p-day we went out to street contact and I had an impression to just go down some road probably in the first 5 minutes that we had left the house. We went down the road and turned a few times and we were on the way to the main road when we passed a little cafe. As we passed we looked in and saw a lady motioning to us to come in. So we came in and she gave us free smoothies because she was the owner! When we asked why she was doing that, she just said that she didn't really have a reason, we just looked like nice people. When we asked if she had seen missionaries before or heard of our church she said no. So that was a miracle! She was a very nice lady and we are planning this week to take a little present back to thank her and also we will try to share the gospel with her!

It was interesting that when we went there we didn't really get to talk to her because there were two college freshmen there that we talked to. The one lived in New Zealand for 6 years so was super good at English, we talked with him and found out that he doesn't really care for religion (or politics). In New Zealand missionaries came to his door and when he said he wasn't interested he was closing the door and the one missionary stuck his foot in the door so he couldn't close it. His view of missionaries and the church isn't that great, but we hope someday we will be able to meet him again and naturally just share the message of the gospel with him and he will feel god's love and see that it is more of a way to be happy than just a religion. We couldn't get his number because someone stole his wallet and phone but we did get the friends number. 

Tuesday I went on exchanges with one of the zone leaders because they do companion exchanges with the district leader. I was with Elder Quist, the one that I lived with my first two transfers I was in Geumjeong. It was fun, he is always such a good example and just being a happy missionary that talks with everyone. We met a guy on the way back to Elder Quist's area and he completely loved us. He even video called his girlfriend to show us the 'two foreigners' that he met that are missionaries who will teach him English! It was sweet! I think that will turn out well for those missionaries. 

The house that these Elders have is a 4 man apartment but it's super new (more new than ours which is 6 months old) and it's big compared to so sad;( 

Thursday we had mission tour and the Southeast Asia area president came and we got to hear him speak along with his wife who is actually Elder Nelson’s daughter, President Gilbert, and Sister Gilbert. It was very uplifting. He said that we will get iPad mini but it probably won't be for a while unfortunately. We could really use them!

One thing that President Ringwood (the Area President) talked about was agency. We must always remember that people have agency and good allows them that privilege. We may teach powerfully by the spirit, see miracles with them, but they still have that ability to choose whether to accept and act. There is nothing that you can do about their agency but you must do all you can to give them the best opportunity. Remember that when you share the gospel with your friends and family! They have their agency but we can give them a good opportunity! 
This week was stake conference and we attended the Saturday night session as well as Sunday morning. It was about hastening the work and trying to encourage all members to share the gospel. Not even share the gospel really but share the Love of God which comes from the gospel. It was a great meeting! 

The biggest miracle this week was that we found an investigator! He is a Chinese man. He is working on his master’s degree at Busan national university but right now he is working on some required experiments and not taking classes so is schedule is pretty flexible and we think we will be able to meet maybe 3 times a week. The only difficulty is that he is leaving to go to Japan at the beginning of next month for 5 months of school we are trying to help him come closer to god until then. We think he might be able to be baptized eventually. He doesn't believe in God right now so we will teach him this week and hopefully help him find that god lives and loves him. He is a very logical thinker and right now finds it hard to believe in him but through preparation and the spirit we know he can change. 

The craziest part is that Elder Sperle already knows him! In his first area he taught him about 4 times over a year ago. Almost exactly a year ago! he had moved to Taejon mission then back to China and taught for a year then came back and had gotten our number around the end of January when I was with Elder Moon.....he didn't call us until Friday. Interesting that it took a month and a half to call, but a miracle! He asked us to get him another Book or Mormon because he lost the one he had before when he moved. 

That's it for this week!
Have a good week!

Love, Elder Frampton

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