Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Hello family,

So this week was a pretty productive week! We had talked to a lot of people on the streets. Met with a 2 people that are new investigators, one is a young guy maybe 18 or 19, catholic, pretty open minded. The other was a referral from another area. Pretty open too but the only reason we got him as a referral was because we are the missionaries closest to his place of work. He lives an hour subway ride away so we think we will talk to him about referring him to the missionaries down there because we think that he and his family will probably get taught together eventually. Especially because coming to church in Geumjeong wouldn’t be very reasonable when we invite him. This week was just full of miracles like that! The biggest one is that our investigator called his father and asked for permission to be baptized and received it! The baptism will probably be on the 23rd and he will get baptized the same time as one of the member’s 8 year olds sons! Exciting! 

Also another miracle was that right before English class on Saturday we got a call from the bishop saying he was bringing 4 of his English academy students to the church to play ping-pong/teach them English. So me and Elder Moon friendship them and invited them to the Christmas party and got their numbers. That’s 4 potential investigators! Miracle! 

One word of advice, if you see a miracle in your life, thank God! He will be more willing to give them and you will be able to see them! I owe those miracles to the application of that principle!

So I don't know why but I definitely expected it to be colder here! Some days it’s cold some days it’s not. But it’s definitely colder back in PA than here! Last Wednesday it snowed for about 3 minutes! It was so disappointing! ripoff! Especially since Seoul has been getting lots of snow! I love snow but I never get any!

We finally gave cookies to almost all members so I don’t have to make cookies everyday anymore! well I have to cook at least 12 everyday so we can take them to our investigator but I just make the dough once every few days then stick them in the oven when I need them. I pretty much make awesome cookies now;) just kidding but I bought chocolate and peanut butter to make peanut butter chocochip cookies! I buy little wrapped chocolates and spend like 3 minutes chopping them up. Quite tasty!

In our apartment we have 2 choices when we sleep at cold when we wake up in the morning, or toast in an oven at night and wake up burning hot in the morning.....the floor heater just cooks us when we have our beds down because all the heat just gets trapped there. We have decided to leave it off and be cold in the mornings for now until we can figure something else out.

That’s it for this week! 

Love,  Elder Frampton

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