Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1-13-14 (3rd transfer date)


So I didn't get transferred and neither did Elder Moon, so we will have a 3rd transfer together! Woot! Haha.

So we found a new person to teach this week and he is really interested in the Bible and likes revelations and stuff, he doesn’t really have a specific religion but he has talked to many people about religion. He just seems to be searching for truth so we hope that we will feel the spirit when he meets with us. He sells oranges and apples out of his truck and is at a few different locations across our area so we run into him while street contacting and talks usually for 30ish minutes. But we usually tell him when we'll stop by and he tells us where he will have his truck parked. On Saturday a friend/preacher guy (sort of) from New World Church had run into him earlier right before we were supposed to meet so instead of meeting our investigator we kind of got lectured on this guy’s religion which was good because it helps us understand that church's beliefs better but not good since our investigator didn’t get a chance to talk. It was unfortunate for the both of us but we gave him the chart with scriptures that we prepared along with Elder Moon's written testimony that he felt prompted to prepare earlier so it was good because we didn’t get a chance to talk with him really.

I also went on exchanges this week and learned how to not be afraid when talking with people and to be confident. It was a good experience!

Nothing else terribly big happened this week but we did (today) find out who our new mission president will be in July since the Gilberts will be finishing up their mission!  President Kenneth S. Barrow and Sister Diane K. Barrow from Houston Texas. He is currently the stake president of the Houston Texas south stake. Pretty exciting to know but also sad to think the Gilberts are leaving.

Be safe at home and be careful with the cold weather!

Elder Frampton

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